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I can't help but feel like everyone responding with disdain to this poster is wallowing in their self-regret that it isn't them with those high hopes and dreams anymore; like the guy who swears off women because he kept getting rejected, telling strangers not to bother approaching the woman across the room because "you'll never make it, believe you me".
Hot shots in golf carts playing speed golf breathing down your neck the whole round.
Anyone with personal experience care to weigh in regarding what aspects of the game it helps, and which it hurts?
Its a little funny to hear some of the responses on this thread, especially those that call it illegal (only in some states) and that it makes you hallucinate (only in extreme quantities, if ever). I used to smoke, but haven't in some time, except for rare occasions. I have friends who do smoke when they golf, and it always amazes me; as someone else had said, golf is already hard enough! I can imagine it has benefits for concentration, but drawbacks regarding paranoia...
I've had success the past two times I went to the driving range. I concentrated more on releasing the club/ turning my arms over at impact. It takes a lot of timing, but it works. If I could only give one tip, it would be to concentrate on turning your right hand over your left at the moment of impact. If this doesn't work after five minutes of trying, let me know.
  Dude shoots 3 over after 5 years and that's bad? How high are your standards? I'll break 100 this year I hope (in my second year).   EDIT: But I am inclined to agree with "stay in school". Not because I doubt the guy (there are enough people to do that without me), but because education is priceless (and you can golf in college).
Practice, practice, practice. If you aren't spending your days from sun-up to sun-down out there practicing, you won't stand a chance, because there are a lot of kids right now who are, and you'll be beating them or losing to them years from now depending on whether you outwork them right now, or are outworked by them. And don't just go through the motions when you practice. You have to be analytical of every swing. If you fall into "beating balls" mode, go focus on...
I use range balls to chip, and my own balls to putt with (I mark my balls light-side up so they roll true [see Pelz - Putt Like The Pros]). During chipping practice I don't care if the balls give inconsistent spin, my only goal is to have them land in a hula-hoop sized area that I'm focusing on.
I'm not a huge stickler for unnecessary rules but don't give yourself free relief from a hazard if we are playing for a few bucks, or even a drink.
I like the idea that, like myself on any course I've set cleat on, getting par on a hole is a wonderous accomplishment.
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