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I like to write on my scorecards what my biggest problem was on the hole (for example, pushed a 6 iron OB; or, 3-putted from 15 feet). Then when I have a few hours to go practice, I know exactly what to focus on.
I have been using Maxfli Revolution wedges (52, 56, 60), as they were the cheapest option at Dick's Sporting Goods a couple years ago. I have spent a lot of time practicing my pitch shots, and can reliably get them in the air (have drastically reduced my fat and thin shots). I am much better at picking a spot in my mind for the ball to land, and actually getting it to land reasonably close to there. I don't have much practice hitting full wedge shots, though (I'd usually...
That must have been one awesome day at the course!
McIlroy -6
Mads, that is a really good link. I especially like drill 2.   One drill that helped me get a really good feel for putting tempo, which I previously had completely ignored, is to try to make straight 3' putts with your eyes closed. It's a pretty simple task, but only if you can rely on a smooth putting stroke.
I don't get angry at much in this world, but if I or a loved one or friend ever got hit by someone who's only excuse for not warning us was that they were just too shy, I would flip out. It's as if their tiniest inconvenience is too much of a hassle to prevent what could be a life-altering consequences. Talk about absolutely selfish on their part. It makes me disgusted.   Don't get me wrong. I hit many wayward drives. But if there is even the slighest chance that...
  If this is the drill I'm thinking of, it is likely the same as below, perhaps substituting the tape with simply sticking the tees into the ground:   This drill examines the importance of striking the ball consistently out of the sweet spot on the face of your putter. Take two tee-pegs and use sticky tape to attach them vertically to the face of the putter, so that each is 3/4 inch either side of the sweet spot. Hit some putts no more than 2 yards, trying to strike the...
  This is a horrible excuse for not warning someone if a ball is hit at them. So you might look dumb yelling when the ball lands far away from the guy. So what? You hit someone in the back of the head and they could be blind for life, all because you are "not programmed" to warn someone of an impending threat that you created?
What practice drills have you used in order to improve your putting over the years? Were there any that stick out to you as having been particularly effective? My usual short putt practice is to putt balls in a circle around the hole one putter length away and hit as many consecutive putts as possible. For middle putts practice I try to hit putts past the hole by a foot or so. For long putts I do the same, but from 30, 40, 50 feet away. These drills have gotten stale, do...
I dislike getting advice from people at the range. They always think they know "the fix", and it just distracts me from what I was working on to begin with.
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