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  Don't the first two bullet points apply to every driver shot? In regards to #3, are you saying that to hit a draw you want an open clubface?
I'm no expert, but maybe you should buy a better ball (at least, that what I blame my lack of spin on).
How far does your 60* fly on full shots? Mine goes about 50 yards (if that). Is that normal?
I also bought a cheapo 60*, a Maxfli Revolution. I wonder how stark the difference would be if I were to pick up a premium wedge.
I did a zero carb diet (Atkins) for about a month and a half. I lost 12 pounds of beer belly. The diet is successful as far as weight loss goes, but I felt myself lacking nutrients from fruit, for example (high in sugar). It is also a difficult diet, practically speaking. Restaurants are forever off limits and eating on the go is very difficult unless you like hamburgers minus the bun. In all, I'd recommend it for a short period of time for someone trying to lose weight,...
I bought this book recently ($35 at book store, 1cent online) and gave it a whirl. It has some useful tips regarding ways to get out of trouble quickly in order to reduce the severity of your "disaster" holes. I haven't yet implemented the technical advice yet (how to change your set-up, swing, and feel when playing from troublesome lies), but I sure it will come in handy (I spend a lot of time in the rough).   Has anyone else read this book? What was your impression...
They always say "don't hit the ball, swing the club and let the ball get in the way". To me, wasn't so helpful at first. But It helped me to think of the club not like baseball bat (as I had at first, without knowing it), but like a rock at the end of a string. When you swing, really feel the weight of the clubhead, and try to maintain the sensation of centrifugal force working on it. Try swinging a few times in a row without stopping, to feel the flow of a smooth swing....
I seem to have trouble getting under the ball for a flop with my 60*, because when I open it the leading end is well off the ground, which causes me to thin the ball. Is bounce the culprit here? If so, would replacing the club with a 60* with little bounce fix the problem? Or would it open the door to new problems?
1. Keegan Bradley, -4 2. Phil Mickelson, -3 2. Tiger Woods, -3
What is the point of it? Is it really only for sand shots? Does it only exist on wedges? How do you know whether to buy clubs with a lot or with a little bounce?   Thanks!
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