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With so much emphasis on the short game these days, I am surprised nobody has chosen wedges.
When you say "x number of points", what scoring system are you referring to? What is a good number of points relative to a bad one?   Thanks for clarifying
If you could only have one class of clubs from a premium maker, and all your other clubs made by a wal-mart knockoff brand, which would you opt for? Why?
I shot a 50 on the front nine last weekend, that was the first time for me. The back nine wasn't so friendly, likely due to a combination of a jack & coke and the unreasonable belief that trees can't deflect the path of my ball as long as I hit it hard enough.
Shorty's icon really does fit his communication style, doesn't it?   To the original poster, my recommendation is to use your instances of failure as opportunities for improvement (I can speak from experience - I have experienced lots of opportunities for improvement, if you know what I mean). Perhaps you jot down to yourself those weaknesses in your game that you need to focus more on. For instances, find an angle on a practice green similar to the 12' put you...
If they are slow and there is nobody in front of them, then just drive past them and skip the hole.   EDIT: Did not read your #4 above. Sounds like you need to find a new golf course.
I've never considered golf a race, and its a shame its becoming one due to everyone's lack of patience nowadays.
Myself and two friends played 18 yesterday, and decided to play skins under the presumption that it was scored similar to matchplay, but the skin from holes without a winner get carried over to the next hole.   We approach the end of our round, person A leading person B by one hole/skin. On the 15th, and then again on the 16th, person B (down 1) ties person C (out of contention) on both holes (person A was defeated on both holes). We then carried these skins over to...
Now that watchespn.com (formerly espn3.com, formerly espn360.com) no longer shows golf, is there anywhere left to watch golf (even replays) online? I'm thinking the Nationwide tour or amateur events may have something available, no? The closest thing I know about is that you can watch past seasons of Big Break on golfchannel.com for free. Do you know of any online golf worth watching, or am I just daydreaming?
I saw a great tip on the Golf Channel. You can watch the episode for free here: http://www.golfchannel.com/media/12-nights-academy-michael-breed/   He uses a simple empty box to illustrate the side-spin imparted by an out-to-in swing path, and then shows how to train an in-to-out path. I tried it in my living room with an empty shoe box. It is certainly a new sensation, which is probably a good thing! Check it out, maybe it'll help.
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