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I'm no golf pro, but I think you should start by identifying your biggest weaknesses. What shot is hurting your game the most? Once you can determine your number one priority, spend some time (read: hours, not minutes) on the range working on that one problematic shot. Do your research on that one shot: What are the most common causes for your problem? Identify at least one technique-focused (as opposed to outcome/score-focused) drill that is intended to cure this...
Put a sand trap next to it!
That retro driver would look great in my hands.
That happened to my Burner driver last year. I still had the receipt, and brought it back to Golf Town. They replaced it for a brand new one (same model & year) with no hassle at all.
A big pet peeve of mine is when I'm looking forward to playing 18 all week long, and when Saturday finally rolls around, my playing partners show up and tell me they are only up for 9.
Hi,   I bought a set of Adams Idea A3s last year, and I notice the longer clubs don't sit quite even on the ground. Furthermore, I've always heard it said that having clubs fit to you is a great service done to your game. First off, can I take my clubs to a Dick's sporting goods? Or should I seek out another place? Also, will it be expensive? As a college student, money for a round is hard enough to come by. Finally, what kinds of gains should I see, assuming I go...
Keegan Bradley -14 Jason Day -12 Rory McIlroy -12
Two questions: 1) Why aren't you in the Tiger Woods video game? Not a video game guy? 2) What does Webb stand for?   Still searching, lostmyballs
Lost tee balls ruin scores; You don't need to use the driver.
I am far from knowledable on this subject, but I can share something I have heard about shafts recently. If anything I say is misguided, please correct me!   With a regular shaft, the clubhead "lags" behind a bit on a fast swing. Changing to a stiffer shaft reduces that lag. Some lag is desirable, but not too much. If you're using a stiff shaft and aren't swinging fast, the clubhead is probably not lagging enough, which may hurt performance.   Then again, my...
New Posts  All Forums: