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oops a typo My irons are bent to +2 degrees upright
Here is what I learned from the Straight Shooting golf VHS by Dalton. PS: My user name, straightshooter, does not imply I am a shill for the product. Thanks I learned that I needed to examine my irons and the lie angle specifically. Mine were too flat. I am now +4 degrees upright on my irons. I was presented a take away method that I was able to copy, mainly to keep the hand/club position until the left hand had passed beyond my right (trail) foot. This eliminated...
some points: At the GolfReview.com website there are actually 127 reviews and they are not repeated. Try that site again   On the Dalton McCrary instruction:      I have made 3 of the postings at the Golf Review site, in praise of this teaching system. I purchased the offering in mid 90's after viewing an infomercial with the Kevin Trudeau fellow. Kevin later got into trouble with the USA feds about his advertising tactics but I do not believe Dalton's offering was...
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