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The Americans still want to play, just not annually as now with the Ryder and then Presidents. Actually, they are sick and tired of it!!!!!!!!!!! But it makes lots of money (so far) for the pga
Modify the "Ryder Cup/Presidents Cup" and bring the internationals into the system. Start 2016 with the Americans vs the Europeans. The loser sits out 2018 and the winner plays the Internationals. Continue onward. This allows the American stars to get off the big deal each and every year. They do not want to do a "cup" each year. After losing and having to sit for 4 years, the losers will be go forward with "mucho hambre", which is currently lacking.
oops a typo My irons are bent to +2 degrees upright
Here is what I learned from the Straight Shooting golf VHS by Dalton. PS: My user name, straightshooter, does not imply I am a shill for the product. Thanks I learned that I needed to examine my irons and the lie angle specifically. Mine were too flat. I am now +4 degrees upright on my irons. I was presented a take away method that I was able to copy, mainly to keep the hand/club position until the left hand had passed beyond my right (trail) foot. This eliminated...
some points: At the GolfReview.com website there are actually 127 reviews and they are not repeated. Try that site again   On the Dalton McCrary instruction:      I have made 3 of the postings at the Golf Review site, in praise of this teaching system. I purchased the offering in mid 90's after viewing an infomercial with the Kevin Trudeau fellow. Kevin later got into trouble with the USA feds about his advertising tactics but I do not believe Dalton's offering was...
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