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  Lovely! Would love to go there soon :D
  Yes. I agree with you. That's the difference of the two.      
1. To improve my swing. 2. To go to some best golf courses in the South America.
very well said.
Great for you Ben! That's how golf should be enjoyed. I'm into fades too. But these time I'm trying hard for my swings..
Thanks zipazoid :D Great thing I asked about this question in our Forum. Great to know that there are a lot of Florida golfers here. I've heard about Naples. I'd also check Tourspoon suggestion. Thanks again :)
    Really? How come I didn't know this. LOL I'm new to golf also. That's why.
oh really? lol naughty of you. BTW thanks with the suggestion Tourspoon.
  lol. I bet he sure does. but thanks with the suggestion Tourspoon.
Sabram, thanks to this. I'll research more about this golf courses you'd suggested.
New Posts  All Forums: