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it looks like a baby stroller..
I don't think the cause of your shin's numbness is golf. My brother had that too before but he never play golf. Numbness is like he can't feel anything even if we pinch his shin. He walked every morning for about 30 mins.. somehow it helps..
Great swing Poser! I see the hardwork paid of. Keep it up 
Aloha! Whenever I heard about Hawaii, I remembe  Chicken Luau and Ahi! 
  My daily diet starts with 3 glass of water. I've read in a japanese health magazine that it helps detoxify. So far I like it because my urination is normal. Yes fresh foods are very advisable. I stop eating boxed cereals a year ago because my sugar level was bad. I guess the biggest benefit of having a balance diet is not just to stay longer in course, it means you have a better chances of living longer.
  Tiger is handling the competition well. He understand pour skills and talent and he saw it in Rory. Maybe he thinks that the spotlight is not in him now. 
Welcome MurtaughF3! Enjoy here :)
Welcome Mclee! have a great time here.
Great pictures Winsteadimp! You sure have a great time there. 
Welcome MacDutch! Had a great while I was at Netherlands a year ago. 
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