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Heya Tiger Woods! Go for it :D
There's no penalty for it but He deserve a penalty. Very odd behaviour
woods -10 rory -7 phil -2     Go for woods!
Welcome StrikeOne! How do you do? How was golf?
Yeah, I agree! Myrtle beach has Pinehills. Really nice golf course! check this out http://www.golfzoo.com/-dest-SCMY-vendor-PINBAC-_param-1-.htm
I think this would be interesting.
  Had the same experience. It won't last. Waste of money.
LoL. I guess that's how to world spins now. Business is Business
Masterpiece Golf Course in Gaylord is great. You can check out some details of it here http://www.golfzoo.com/-dest-MIGA-vendor-MASTRE-_param-1-.htm
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