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Welcome ndb8fxe! Lots of useful information are here. 
Good to know that you'd enjoyed much! :D
lol so much time spent. 
lol but you have to admit it, sexy girls are good advertisement 
  Great recommendation!  I say that Pebble Beach is the best. You can check out some photos of Pebble Beach around the web.
  I trust Ian Andrew's review about top 25 golf course architect. Seems legit to me.
How about Gaylord? It's a nice place anyway plus less expensive. I've heard these place has wonderful world class lodging facilities. You can check this out. http://www.golfzoo.com/-gaylord-michigan-golf-vacation-packages-.htm
You surely had a good time. That's great. I'm playing too maybe in Florida..
I like him no matter what. The interview is quite a thing for every Tiger Wood's fans. 
Welcome ajdehoogh :D Enjoy posting here  
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