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    I agree with the Kilmerlic :) So where you at? What place do you want to find a golf course?
Interesting set :D Hope you'll enjoy your game :)
    OMG Bubba is Number 1. Very much excited for this year's tournaments. 
Good for you. Enjoy the game :D
    I agree. The best way to know more about it to visit an expert about cameras. They will help you in assemble and what type of camera is  appropriate for that.
Welcome conrad! Feel free to ask queries about golf. Yeah, we're both excited to play golf :)
Glad that you are looking forward to a new beginning. Health is very important. First thing in the morning, I walk around and jog. Then once a week, I do yoga to relax. Hope these help!
Good Posture and a best swing make a good golf game.
Coronado is absolutely stunning! I recommend this golf course too.
This is the answer. Well done.
New Posts  All Forums: