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Ben Hogan started his downswing with a lateral motion of hips and left knee...in fact maybe the most lateral motion of any player ever. Sometimes players describe feels which are not actually what they do. 
I would love to see Tiger work with Grant Waite
Tiger had a better year in 2013 then Rocco had a career....and Rocco hits it short
Average PGA Tour player hits 1.3 degrees down with a driver
Brilliantly written
It's a 3 dimensional motion. Yu left tilt, extend (extension of the thorax & or Pelvis & urn in a circle... CONTROVERSEY>??? ONLYFROM PEOPLE WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE PATTERN.   But my advise to anyone is to seek out an S&T Authrized instructor or do online lessons so that you know what pieces you have to work on. The mistake here is people trying to fix themselves....which may lead to working on pieces you do not need work on or working on the wrong things first.
First thing Full Disclosure: I am an Authorized Stack & Tilt Instructor.   The pictures in Golf Digest of Aaron Baddeley were a DRILL that Aaron was doing to correct him staying in flexion in the backswing (moving upper centers to the right). There were supposed to be three photos: a before, the drill or his feel (which was pictured) and then the after. BUT many times Golf Digest or any other magazine does not print it in the exact way you want. In that picture of...
a reverse pivot has your weight on your rear foot. Stack & Tilt is a centered pivot..PERIOD
In my opinion you need to see a S&T teacher..Where do you live.. You are turning level in both directions. But you cannot do this on your own,,,
Net Return is the best if you can shell out some big bucks...if not next best is Izzo
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