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Played yesterday and the course was soaked. I was 2' in front of the 150 marker and my ball plugged in the center of the green. I think my driver is an angle of attack and equipment issue, but I was pointing more to the infrequency with which I see people hit it 280 compared to how many people "say" they hit it 280.
What's interesting is that I hit my 9i 140-145, PW 130-135 and hit my drive about 240. These guys that drive 280 are 10-15 yards shorter on those clubs. The math doesn't add up.....
I've played the same course every weekend (usually Saturday AND Sunday) for the last 3 years. I play as a walk-on single every time, so I have played with probably 500 or so people. I don't think I've seen more than 10 people drive it over 260 in all that time. The ones I remember were a college kid who played some amateur circuit, and 2 guys that played in college. Probably 90% of the folks I played with hit it between 220 - 240, including roll; with the majority being...
I have also had my 5h match my 3h distance on many occasions.
I have Taylormade hybrids 3,4,5,6. Sometimes when I am hitting them they all seem to land within 5 yards of each other. What is that about? I hit my 4h today to about 205, then hit the 5h which landed 10' from the 4h, then took out my 6h and it landed about 5 yards short of those two. Is this an angle of attack thing that keeps them so close?
Is everyone on here a PGA Pro? Everyone on here seems to have the long ball. If you're an amateur ignore all the talk about 240 yard 3 irons. The average golf does NOT hit it that far (i don't think most of these folks do either). Hybrids are very forgiving clubs and work great for beginners and high handicappers.  
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