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Yeah I do it all the time. Lol.
Very disappointed Sergio could not pull out the win. Great to see him playing well again. I just want to see him win a tournament relatively soon!   Maybe the Open Championship?!   I can dream, can't I?
Well no shit. Obviously it's ideal to be good with the scoring irons as well as a great short game - but I think when people tell you to work on your short game, their point is that you'll see that lower your score quicker than pounding out 275 yard drives down the middle each time on the driving range.  
I've been playing the MP-57's for 4 years. I don't hit the mid irons all that well, so I'm actually going to the AP1's...They are also so much easier to hit out of thick rough.   The only downfall is with the 8-PW...you definitely lose some feel with a thicker CB like the AP1s...Also lose some control I believe.
I'm a 5 and probably hit 10 GIR on a real good day of ballstriking, probably usually about 8 per round and I shoot high 70's...I've shot 76 with hitting 6 GIR. Having a great short game (Which I consider like 40 yards and in...AND putting too) is VITAL to SCORING in golf...   I rather shoot a good SCORE than have a good GIR...
Looking for one of these sets in DG S300 OR Project X 5.5. Standard L/L/L please.   Thanks for anyone who can help.
I'd say over the past 30 years the ball's changed golf more than any other piece of equipment I believe.
Hasn't Rory been on Tour several years now?   Let's not act like Mickelson has done nothing. Does it really matter that he doesn't have a U.S. Open? Not really considering he has a few other majors. I really don't think Rory will win more majors than Phil...That's an impressive resume.   To even start talking about McIlroy and Tiger in the same sentence is just ridiculous at this point - that is all.
Let's calm down though. Three professional wins is still nothing. He is a very talented player with a great golf swing, and I think he'll end up having a Mickelson-level career which is still tremendous and one of the best golfers in history...but do I think he'll ever see Tiger's level of dominance or success? Hell no.    
Lol...Yeah, this week. He's won twice I believe, that's it.
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