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Hitting against a blanket in your garage is nothing like hitting at a real driving range. You have no idea where your golf ball is going. The only feedback you get is if it feels 'solid' off the club face...And if you're a beginner, you probably don't know how it feels to hit a shot to the right/left, draw, fade, etc. Something like that is great in the winter time when there is no alternative - but IMO that won't do all that much for your game if your doing that...
I rarely practice anything below my 8 iron. I usually spend 45 minutes chipping and putting, then about a half hour on the range. Mostly working from 8 iron to SW. The scoring clubs are definitely the most important if you're looking to hit to reduce your score, granted you can keep your driver and low irons in play...Lol.
Depends on your swing and the shape you are in. My father is 60 and still hits it 250-260 off the tee consistently, around the same distance as me and I'm 19.
Yeah, first of all, I thought we were talking about off the tee. Off the tee, I'd definitely take distance. Of course, I'm assuming that the player is hitting it somewhere a just off the fairway...and keeping it in play.   Obviously on iron shots accuracy is far more important - but when it comes to tee shots, having distance is huge. I'm going to score a lot better hitting a 9 iron out of the rough then hitting a 6 iron from the middle of the fairway...
I think time is actually a big factor as well as cost. Time & Cost I think are the two main contributors to the declining participation in the game nationwide. My cousin, for example, makes six figures, he's in his mid 30's and would love to play a lot of golf. He's not all that good, probably shoots in the low 90's on a good day...but with his job, he simply does not have the time to join a club or play a lot each year...He would love to be able to join a nice club. He...
Depends on the course. Most will say accuracy, but on my home course which is pretty damn wide open but pretty long, distance is far harder to compete with. I hit a lot of fairways but only 250 off the tee. Many of my friends/golfing partners hit it like 280-290 off the tee consistently...I hit it straighter, but they bang it out there so long they are coming in with wedges out of the rough anyway while I'm coming in with a 6 or 7 iron out of the middle of the...
IDK, I disagree with that. Tiger's had a fantastic career even if he never wins another major - everyone's run comes to an end, eventually...The guy's had a great career - Failure and Tiger Woods are just two words that don't go together...Lol.   And this is coming from a guy who can not stand and has never rooted for Tiger Woods.
Yeah I was looking at his scorecard on my iphone (gotta love the PGA tour app!) and I couldn't believe he made an 11 lol...I was wondering how the hell he got to +8...If it wasn't for that +6 on the one hole, he had a somewhat decent round otherwise.
78 today...I hit 8/18 GIR...Hit a good amount of fairways as well, one of my better rounds so far this year....I'm getting there haha.
I believe in it quite a bit. I always treat people the way I'd want to be treated.
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