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He's definitely overhyped a little bit - but a lot of young players have been and will continue to be until we find another guy like Tiger...which probably won't happen for a long time, or ever.   So, people are always looking for that next 'great one'...that immortal type of player.   People really overhyped AK too a few years ago...Good players, but people were acting like he was the next Phil or Tiger Lol...
Most of the guys you listed still hit the ball far, though. It may not be the longest players, but they still are in the middle of the pack generally outside of Donald.   And if it's a trend, then how do you explain Bubba's success this year? I don't really see a big trend honestly. It just so happens Donald has been playing some fantastic and consistent golf.
Do they make these in 16 or 17 degrees of loft? (2 iron equivalent)...   I've yet to see them in the store or anywhere online. I really want to replace my 3-wood with a 2-hybrid. I hit hybrid's so much straighter, more solid, and also much higher so I can attack long par 3's.   I love the look of this club, and would love to at least give it a try if not just go ahead and buy it, but I really need a 16, at worst 17 degree.
Anna Nordqvist just played my home course about a week and a half ago. Following the event at Hamilton Farms in NJ. She came up here on that Monday I believe and played a round. She shot 66 from the tips and I got to meet her. She seemed like she would be cool to play a round with.
It's absolutely a sport. What idiot would say it isn't? Lol.
Sergio. Even though he's not playing well the past year or two, he still has had a lot of chances to do it and has either not risen to the moment or the guy he's battled against came up with good shots at the end...   Westwood is a close second; similar circumstances.
Shot 81 today, Par 71 6900 yards.. 40/41. Didn't make any putts; one of the best ballstriking round of the year. I feel like I've really made strides the past week or so hitting the ball. Now it's time to start scoring. Hitting more greens now and three putted a few times..I'm putting from further away so I'm making a good amount of pars but need to stay away from the doubles and bogey's (bogey'd last two holes because of three putting)   GIR - 7/18 Fairways -...
No I never do. I have a better feel without it on putting.
Congrats man. Golf gets even more frustrating, I mean fun, once you're able to break 80!
You could try strapping it in on the drivers side with your bag. That's what we have to do for some of the Juniors bags at the course I work at.
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