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Nice Iacas!   Thanks again guys.
Yeah, seriously. I usually wear shorts, and I recently got two pairs of reallllly nice Izod shorts for 35 dollars total. They are the nice material that Nike and Adidas usually makes, it's like the real smooth kind. Not sure of the actual material. The MSRP on the shorts was 52 dollars!   I love outlets!
Not really sure how a foresome putts everything out, and has a legitimate score, and can play under 4 hours. I really don't know how.   I play pretty fast. My Dad and I, in a cart, can play 9 holes in about 1:20 with no one in front of us. If you're looking over everything, putting everything literally out, it's impossible to have a foresome finish in under 4 hours. 4 hours is a really quick eighteen for a foresome. You can do it if you play fast, and don't put...
Pretty good. Working a good amount of hours at a CC near my house; so haven't gotten out to play many rounds so far this year, only one or two. I've just been practicing a whole lot. I have a lesson on Tuesday to sure up some things in my swing, still a little rusty, lol. After that, I'm going to try to play a lot more.   How about yourself? Still trying to get down to scratch?
Hey guys,   Haven't been around at all in 2011 yet. Posted a lot the past few summers on here and my goal is to get on for this summer as often as I can. Have a good year of golf guys.   -CG031
I think it makes things more interesting, but it's nothing like the four majors. I think the PGA Tour does a great job of trying to hype it up.
Personally, I don't think he's ever getitng his game back. Just my opinion though. I think his career is virtually over, I think he may win some events again, but any more majors at this point I seriously doubt. Again, just my opinion. If he did bounce back, would not surprise me. We ALL know what he is capable of, obviously.
Els, Couples, Donald, Rory, Sergio (LAG!)...just a few off the top of my head.
http://www.golf.com/golf/courses_tra...007598,00.html my home course got number 3 in the state of new jersey!
Nah, I think it definitely threw it off line, no way he reacts like that unless something definitely threw it off line. And dude, honestly, I probably would've reacted in similar manner (just being honest) if I had that much at stake (my first PGA victory)...
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