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Sometimes I play the course better for the first time. I'd say 75% of the time this is not the case, but sometimes I play very well there the first time, or first few times, then I'll go back and seemingly get frustrated and not play as well. So, idk, I seem to relax a bit more when I don't know the course because my expectations are a little lower.
Sure, it's part of the game, but when it throws your ball off-line on the 17th hole in basically a must make putt, it's pretty unlucky, let's be honest. If I was in the same situation, I'd be equally as frustrated and pissed. Oh come on. That's ridiculous. It was a 52 footer. Of course he was going to be around the hole, almost all pro's can get it around the hole on 50 footers.
I actually like Overton and felt some sympathy for him. He got screwed on 17, I thought that putt was in for sure. I probably would've reacted the same way in those circumstances to be fair. Not to mention he had a great run at it on 18, and he got beat by a guy who shot friggin 59 in the final round on Sunday!!! It's a lot of frustration after a few runner ups and never getting a tour W.
It's pretty much been on the downward trend since I've started golfing five years ago. Started out as a beginner, obviously, and played to a 30 handicap my first year, 2nd year went to about a 25, 3rd year I really started to get better got to about about a 15-20 in that range, consistently about a 10 but broke into single digits towards the end of last year and now this year I'm at my lowest ever a 5.0 index. The past month or so I've leveled off though. I haven't taken...
This is true. My response to that would be, when does it ever become not just about money?I guess never, and for the viewer, it's unfortunate for us.
I'd just simply call him out, and if he continued to deny it, I said ok, classless act sir, all over a golf ball. Then I'd proceed to drop one down without any penalty at the point I'd saw him pick it up, and continue on with my round. It's just a golf ball, if the dude thinks it's that big of a deal to steal it, I'd just let it go to be honest and proceed to play on and not let him ruin my day over such nonsense.
Thought this would be a fun thread, and a way of discussing what needs to be improved with your own personal game. Here's how this works, you will say your current handicap, and then suggest what level each part of your game is on. Here is the template: Driving: 5 handicap. Hitting it solid, pretty straight, and generally about 260 yards. Sometimes more, sometimes shorter. F-way woods/Hybrids: 8 handicap. I don't feel like I'm hitting these well right now at all,...
Ping g10 is a really good club, it can be had cheap right now!
I've pretty much always known my yardages since I've been shooting in the low 90's, all the way up until now... I mean, they've changed, I've gotten much longer as time has gone on, different clubs can be hit in different situations now with my confidence, but I know my yardages. Inside of 80 yards though I use one club, and I don't really care what the distance is. Saying it's 70 yards as oppose to 50 does nothing for me. I simply feel the yardage by looking at the...
Staying away from those huge numbers can just be a matter of collecting yourself after the first poor shot. It's more than just one poor shot to make more then a double or triple.
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