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I've actually heard that the Canadian Health Care system isn't too bad, actually. So you're saying it's good?
hahahaha... that's hilarious...But seriously, lame. All this outsourcing, no wonder why so many are unemployed!
By reminding him there are far more important things then golf, and to remind him that everyone goes through rough stages of their game.
Agreed. You can usually find good deals on them and they are certainly a quality putter.
Yeah, who doesn't shake each others hands and said they've enjoyed the round? I don't think I've never NOT done so?!?!
Well, lets be honest, walking with a caddy and walking carrying your bag are two completely different things.
Good players know when other good players can play. They realize everybody has a bad day. So, even if you have one, no need to worry, they'll recognize you can still play. Plus, they probably really could care less about your game. As long as your nice, move along at a normal speed, and are fun to play with, they'll invite you out again. I played with a +1 and the +2 8 time club champ at my course, and the head golf pro once, all in the same foursome we were. I was...
Yeah I mean win and elevation changes would play a major part. It could be anywhere from 19* hybrid to a 3 or 4 iron.
Regular. Cut the driver shaft down an inch or so because you're pretty short, it'll give you a ton more control.
He is a Top 100 Golf Magazine Teacher. And he has a very good resume. In just two lessons I've improved tremendously. And my Dad taught me everything I know leading up to these lessons, and he attends the lessons with me so I trust what he has to say with me considering he taught me the past five years and he's still better then me haha.
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