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There's very few people I let influence my game and the way I swing the golf club. Most people's opinions I dismiss. I take lessons from a certain guy, he's teaching me a certain way, I could care less what the 10 handicap at my club says or thinks about my swing. My dad and teaching pro are the only ones I really listen to.
yeah in a high school tri county tournament this year i finished T-9 out of 80 players. Front 9 = 46 Back 9 = 36.
regular shaft although my driver shaft is cut down to 44.50" from 45.75" so it's playing more like stiff
No problem playing with high cappers as long as they keep things moving. Don't play slow, and just know the basic etiquette. Other then that I don't care what your handicap or level is!
Yeah I was talking about more informally and I think my club in the handicapped tournaments round up/down.
Here is a real simple question about the GHIN handicap system. I was previously a 5.9 handicap. Does this mean I am a 5 handicap, or a 6 handicap? Do you round up/round down? How does this work? Mine just went down to a 5.0 but I was previously a 5.9, was I a 6 before, or was I still a 5?> Kind of a dumb thread I realize now, but whatever.
Yeah but I wouldn't call someone that shoots 90-95 a good golfer though. I mean, a good golfer to me is someone who can shoot in the low 80's. I realize that the majority of players out there at mid 90's to 100's shooters, but with a little work on your game and some time devoted to practice and playing, you can get down to a high 80's somewhat easily (just pretty much working on your short game, putting, and not completely wasting strokes.)I think a great player is...
Almost always a Titleist ProV1 or ProV1x, but sometimes I'll play those Bridgestone B330-RX golf balls. They are quite nice.
No, I do not. But every 4 weeks I get a lesson so he uses the video every time there.
Anyone that's a legitimate single digit handicapper I consider a good player.
New Posts  All Forums: