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Maybe a better approach would be take a week or so off from the game completely. Come back next week with a new mindset and hit some on the range!
As one of those 18 year old kids who work at a golf course, we are just trying to make a few dollars. 7.50 an hour doesn't go that far.
17-19* hybrid would be ideal. Ping hybrids are great, I still use a g5 that I've had for years. Just can't get rid of that thing, I love it.
Oosthuizen's swing is tremendous.
Draw. Mine is more like a hook at the moment right now, going a little too much right to left.
You'll survive. But I think you should bring the clubs. I don't see the harm in getting out every once in a while when you're at school.
I stand behind my ball and take about 1 or 2 real fast, then pick a target, and go. I've been told I'm one of the quickest players people have played with.
I agree with this for the most part, but hey, that's how it goes. You knew it was gonna be like that going in. Luck of the draw type of thing, and it's who can survive. LOL.
Too far back in your stance?
Yeah that is the case. It's a hazard. Many people forget that.
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