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Mint condition. Hit less than a dozen times. Stock Velox shaft in stiff flex. Includes head cover. Prefer local pick up in central Ma. but will ship. Price does not include shipping.
New never hit. KBS tour 90 shaft in regular flex.Prefer local pick up in central Ma. but will ship in TaylorMade shipping box if it is shipped. Price does not include shipping and insurance.
Sorry. Happy to list them separately. And why is asking $100 for a never hit iron that sells for $130 so outrageous?
New model Tour Preferred MC 5 iron. New never hit. KBS tour 90 shaft in regular flex. Stock grip. Looking for $100 plus shipping. Jetspeed #4 (22 degree) hybrid. Mint condition. Hit less than a dozen time. Velox T shaft in stiff flex. Stock grip. Includes head cover. Looking for $110 plus shipping. Prefer local pickup in central Mass. but will ship in genuine TM shipping box if needed. Estimate no more than $15 bucks for shipping.
Irons are sold. Thanks for all the views.
I've decided to move up to the 2014 MC TP irons so I'm putting my CB's up for sale. Same irons as in my avatar. These irons were only used 1.5 seasons and are easily an 8 out of 10 condition wise. In fact I use hybrids in place of the 3,4,and 5 irons so those are brand new and have never been hit. S300 shaft. They all have 1 season old Golf Pride New Decade white grips (6 thru PW). I'll deliver anywhere in Ma. or add $25 for shipping to anywhere within the US. Photo's on...
I wonder if they have a cast body and forged face like my CB's. Unless it's a face thickness thing and they needed to be cast for strength. I'm reading they are really starting to work on COR values for irons now. 
I wonder if $999 will be the real street price or if the price will drop when they are officially introduced. I say "officially introduced" because they don't appear on Taylor Made's web site yet. Plus Callaway's x forged irons (which are also very nice) are selling for $799. And they are ALL forged.
So playing in my company golf league this past season was a very unpleasant experience because of slow play. I'm talking 3 plus hours for 9 holes. Spring and fall rounds were literally finished in the dark. After numerous unanswered complaints to the league officials to do something about the 2 or 3 people responsible, I ended up taking the matter into my own hands and ended the season a pretty unpopular guy. Not that I cared that much because 3 hour rounds for 9 holes is...
I had a chance to test hit these today (the MC's) and they felt really good. I was a little leary about the KBB shaft but it didn't seem to bother me with these irons. They only had one set and they were stiff shafts so I'd wnat to try the regular's before making a decision. I'd also want to do a side by side test against my CB irons before making a decision. I also noticed that only the 8 through PW's are stamped forged. The 3 thru 7 irons don't say forged on them.. Does...
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