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In an effort to make a big turn, your left arm is breaking (bending) at the top of your swing. That arm bend is causing more wrist cock throwing the club way past level ala John Daly. Trying to get everything back in sync on the down swing can be costing you some speed. Just my 2 cents
Have you tried impact tape to see where you're actually impacting the ball on the club face. How do the shafts compare ? Not just flex, but weight. Do the 2.0's have a heavier shaft? Did you happen to get the uniflex shaft ? I tried a set of Clevelands with the uniflex shaft and they didn't work at all. Loss of distance was one of the issues..
Hitting into a net won't tell you much unless there's also a launch monitor. And then, only if you are also hitting your current driver for a direct comparison. No matter how inaccurate the monitor may be, it's inaccurate for both clubs so you can still see if one works better than the other. On the course would be best if you can find a course that will let you take one out and play with it. There are a couple of courses around me that will do that. I think TGW has a 30...
I use the NDMC grips whenever I build a new club or it's time to regrip. For woods, I typically get something that matches the shaft or in some cases, the head. For irons, I'll either use white or again, something that matches the head. For example when I regriped my Cleveland TA7 tour irons with the red insert on the back of the head, I used red grips. If I regrip my TM CB irons, I'll probably use white.
I don't think there is a yes or no answer to your question. I'd like to think my game has evolved to the point where the smart shot is more important than the "glory shot". Which is not to say I wouldn't go for it if it was the smart thing to do.
Yea, I played it several times and always enjoyed it. It was nice living in the hotel across the street. Just a short walk to and from the course.
I paid about $110 to play Reston National in Reston Virginia.
the current "enter to win" link is for a Cobra AMP driver and fairway wood.
When do we find out who the lucky winner is ??????
If winter continues as it has been (pretty much non existent), I hope to be out in February. Mid March at the latest.
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