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If you trust the people that did the fitting and trust the results, then don't get too hung up on shaft flex. If it was a good fitting, the S300 shaft is what's working best for you. Barring any future health issues, you shouldn't have much to worry about a declining swing speed. My swing speed has remained the same for quite a few years. If it ever does get to the point that a regular shaft would be better for you, you can just have them reshafted rather than buying new...
The most asked for clubs for me to build for people this past season was the 3/4/5 hybrids. They are much more versatile clubs than the long irons and much easier to hit. As with any other club, try them out before you buy and see what works best for you.
I had a chance to try out the G20 and the FT iz on the Golf Town launch monitor last weekend. Overall feel of the G20 is noticably lighter than the FT. By that I mean overall weight as well as swing weight. Biggest differrence betweent he two for me was the spin rate. With the G20, I was consistently 3200/3500. With the FT, I was almost always over 4k. When I hit them well, I got 5 or so more yards (launch monitor yards) with the FT over the G20, but on miss hits, the...
The driving range I go to has the typical stations, a par 3 course, large sand trap with a net on the other side incase you blade one, and fenced in green with plenty of chipping area all around it. They charge seperately to use the green/chipping area.
Signed up last night.
The putter is probably the one club that is completely personal preference. If it looks good to you, if it feels good, if the ball goes in the hole, then that's the right club. I build clubs for people but will go out of my way NOT to build a putter because they can't try it first.
Congrats to all the winners.
A log of golf stores are selling the Cleveland CG15 wedges 2 for $150.
I think there are way too many variables to be able to answer your question. Like how tall are you, how long is the driver, what flex is the shaft, what loft is the driver, what's your swing like, etc. If you have a golf store near you with launch monitor equipment, they may also have someone there that can analyze your swing for $20 or $30 bucks. If you can find someone to video tape you hitting some balls and post it here, you may get some advice.
Sounds like golfers elbow. I have the same problem off and on. A compression wrap usually works best for me. You are hitting a TON of golfballs at the range and may want to cut back a bit. It's very easy to overdo it at the range hitting ball after ball without the benefit of that natural rest break you get on the course while you walk/ride to your next shot.
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