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Well, if you don't mind experimenting with the V2 shaft knowing it may not work well, you can leave the tip alone and butt trim for a total length (including the club head) of 40.5 to 41 inches. After checking it out some more, the V2 and V2 hybrid are actually different shafts in that they start life at different raw lengths. The V2 is 46 inches long and the V2 hybrid is 44 inches long. You would normally tip trim the V2 1.5 inches for a 19/20* head and the V2 hybrid...
I'm not sure how much performance difference there really is between fairway and hybrid shafts. That said, I have a couple of questions. Is the shaft you have a new raw shaft or was it used in another club. Second question is do you know what your driver swing speed is ?
I think most of the Dicks stores have launch monitors now. But even if you had to go someplace else to see how the uniflex shaft would compare to a regular flex shaft, it would be worth it. The Callaway X20 new grooves are great clubs as well but they also come with the uniflex shaft.
I would encourage you to try the Edges out on a monitor someplace first and compare to one of the others. Reason I say that is because they come with a "uniflex" shaft which absolutely did not work for me. I bought a new set of Cleveland CG Gold irons with uniflex shafts and couldn't figure out why I wasn't playing well. Then I thought about the unifex shaft and as an experiment went back to my TA2's. Problem solved. Traded in the Golds for a set of CG7 tours in stiff...
Excellent. Thanks.
As it happens, I was at Dicks this afternoon and tried the Adams A4r, and the Adams Idea tech A7's. I actually liked them both and hit them both equally well on the launch monitor (6 iron about 165 to 168 yds carry). The A4r's have a noticably heavier feel than the a7's but didn't affect swing speed or distance. Just for yuks, I also tried the TM Burner HT's and they were the lightest feeling of the 3. I had a couple of shots measure 170 (also the 6 iron) on the launch...
Great writeup. Any idea what the COR is for the RBZ driver ??
I have stiff flex irons and regular flex hybrids and woods. Don't know as I have an explanation for it other than I tried the iron set I bought with both regular and stiff flex shafts and had tighter dispersion and better distance with the stiff flex shafts. Woods were just the opposite. Tried both and the regular works better. I don't think I'll ever buy another club without testing it on a launch monitor first.
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The latest (October) software upgrade provides tracking for all types of things. You can measure each shot. When you get to the ball, tell it what club you hit. Over time it will learn what club you hit based on your current distance and tell you what club to play. It will track GIR, fairways hit, number of putts, scores for 4 people etc. Love mine.
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