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Great writeup. Any idea what the COR is for the RBZ driver ??
I have stiff flex irons and regular flex hybrids and woods. Don't know as I have an explanation for it other than I tried the iron set I bought with both regular and stiff flex shafts and had tighter dispersion and better distance with the stiff flex shafts. Woods were just the opposite. Tried both and the regular works better. I don't think I'll ever buy another club without testing it on a launch monitor first.
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The latest (October) software upgrade provides tracking for all types of things. You can measure each shot. When you get to the ball, tell it what club you hit. Over time it will learn what club you hit based on your current distance and tell you what club to play. It will track GIR, fairways hit, number of putts, scores for 4 people etc. Love mine.
I didn't read the 2 pages worth of replies so if I repeat something already stated, sorry.   One thing the golf manufacturers can't do is beat physics. Cold air is more dense than warm air thus creating more drag on the ball so the ball comes down more quickly.. The ball doesn't compress as much as it normally does affecting ball speed and thus distance. To a lessor degree the metal in the clubs becomes less elastic so the "spring effect" off of the club face is less...
Probably the most beneficial game improvement thing I did was pay attention to yardage. I stopped guessing and started pulling the "right" club for the distance I was at. If your a 90's golfer and want to be an 80's golfer, learn how far you hit each club and then pay attention to where you are on the course. Now I use a Garmin G5 gps and know which club to pull for every shot.
My goal for 2012 will be to get my handicap down into single digits. I did a lot of experimenting this past summer trying out a new driver and 3 wood as well as 2 different sets of irons. I learned a lot, but it didn't help my game any. I got down to a 12.7 at one point but finished the year at 13.1. I want to be down into single digits by early spring next year.
I've been a golfer for a lot of years but really only decided last year to get serious again. I try to get out 2 to 3 times per week whenever possible. Last year was kind of rough as I started the year with a new set of Cleveland Gold irons that just didn't work for me. Not a fan of the uniflex shaft now. Traded those in on an R11 driver and went back to my Cleveland TA2's.. Then last summer, bought a new set of Cleveland TA7 tour irons which I liked a lot. Replaced...
Been there. Done that. I have an R11 driver and 3 wood in my cellar collecting dust if anyone is interested. They work as advertised as far as the adjustments are concerned but the driver is not very forgiving. If you don't nail the sweet spot, it doesnt' go. The 3 wood, I could just never hit very well. Not sure why..
If your swing speed is indeed around 100, then you should be using a stiff flex shaft. The problem will be finding the "stiff flex" that works for you. Unfortunately there is no standard for shaft flex between manufacturers so a stiff Aldila can be different than a stiff Graffaloy, which can be different than a stiff UST. If you have a place that does club fitting, or a golf store that can put you on a launch monitor, that's the best way to go.
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