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I broke my right arm (I'm left handed) should I try to play one handed? Any one handed drills I should do? Or just rest up till it heals? Just curious what some of the teachers feel about this situation?
I am looking for an entertaining podcast for the drive to work.  The few that I have found have been just bland short instruction or talking about some small distant tournament.  I was wanting to know if anyone hear had a podcast they liked that was fun to listen to (talked about their own game, etc) and/or informative, but not in a mind numbing way.   any help appreciated. I have an Android btw.   Thanks -Derrick
Hey Guys,   Sorry, I will have to bow out of this one. I have ended up having to work, but keep me in mind for any others later on!    Also, why is there still so much snow!  This stuff needs to melt!   -D
New player here.  I live in Charlottesville Va, and wouldn't mind getting together for a round somewhere.  I can drive up to DC or even Maryland (Uncle lives there, he may join).  My schedule is all over the place though so just let me know when and where it will be and hopefully I would be able to make it!  If anyone near central Va wants to play, or knows of good courses, let me know!
Charlottesville Va here.  I am always looking to play with new people and find fun courses to play in the area.  I like the VSGA card, just have to get out and use it more!   Name is Derrick by the way, good to meet you guys..I dont post on here much, more of just a lurker. :-)
You guys must have some real jerks on your course...I have rolled a couple of drives or long 3 woods onto the greens in front of me when it is a busy day.  I of course wave an apology, and then apologize again if I see them, and each time they have just said "No problem, great shot!"
Just curious as to what draws you guys to a certain course?   Is it more the challenging holes, well manicured greens, length, interesting holes (island greens, etc).   I mean obviously we look for a nice mix of things, but if you are looking for something specific, what in your eyes makes a course worth playing?
No NoVa players out there huh?  Unfortunate..
My uncle and I are meeting up halfway somewhere in Northern Virginia.  I am looking to use my VSGA card since I buy it and dont use it as much as I should.  I was wondering if you guys would give me some reviews of some of the courses I list if you have played them.  I am looking for some info before I decide where to play. Thanks!     Here are the possibilities:   Goose Creek Jackson's Chase Winchester Country Club Algonkian Brambleton Bristow...
I live in Charlottesville Virginia, and love the VSGA card.  It allows you to play many courses in VA for only price of the cart.    My question is besides the ones in central that I play a lot (Birdwood, Old Trail, etc)  What are some good courses that I should try to make a little longer of a drive to?  Anyone have some favorite courses with the VSGA that I really should check out?   Which brings me to another question, how come there is really no good Golf...
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