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Playing alone is good for my game and bad for my pocket. Being blind as a bat as I am by the time I've lost 10.000 balls I get bored.......... 
Ha ha!:D
In my home course we have a 603 yd. par 5, but that´s not all folks! 1) A water hazard prevents you from hitting the driver off the tee, 2) There's OB just in the right side of the fairway; 3) 4 cross bunkers were set in the left side of the fairway (obviously with lots of rough); 4) The fairway goes up all the way
There are a lot of guys who are outstanding golfers but for me there is only one: Jack!
Mi no habla español. Neither do I speak english!  
I'm thrilled that you guys kept me out! Living in a spanish talking country I am really surprised:D
I had a R11 and trade it for the 910 D2. I'm happy with my driver and wouldn't go back to R 11.  
Looks like Phil Collins in the late 80s........
I don´t know what would be going through my head but I'm certain what would go to my caddie's head: my wedge!!!!
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