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I hit the 910d3 that has a smaller head than all other shoe boxes out there. Completely agree with you on he heads being too big. I never know where on that huge head i'm supposed to hit! The d3 has done much better for me than any other 460 cc head driver.
I did already. This and other online stores. Nowhere to be found
I read the Art of putting book by Stan Utley and wanted to get his learning curve putting aid. I was very surprised to see it being unavailable everywhere. There is nowhere I could get it. Any suggestions on where to go online to get this??
I play AP2 710 that i bought brand new 3 years back. I use them at the practice range as well. They have been heavily used and still look great. No rust, no discoloration just normal wear that you'd see with any iron. There is no way you could go wrong going with these.
its like Dell PC! Ugly as hell!
Can a shaft be pulled from a driver and be used on a 5 wood?   I have this deal on ebay where i can save some money on the shaft. I have a nike sq 5 wood head and found this nice shaft off of a callaway driver on ebay. I do not know if this can be done. Any input is appreciated.
They took all the clubs out! Talk about being thorough!
Hi,   I will be making a trans-atlantic trip and need a hard golf case to carry my clubs safely. I looked up amazon and liked the Samsonite Hardside Golf Travel Case           I use a titleist light weight cart bag as shown here. My question is will this bag with all the clubs fit in this or any hard case bag? To someone uses the hard cases for traveling my question is : is it a good investment? Do you always put the whole bag in it or just the...
After trying nearly every putter in the market my obvious choice based on feel was the nike method. And i knew that at setup :) The Scotty compared to the Nike felt clicky to me. With putters its a personal feel that counts and I had that from the get go with nike method 001. Even before hitting a ball with it I felt so good in the hands at setup. And now after so many rounds with it I feel its going to be with me forever:) The combination of Nike method and Titleist...
I play 48, 52, 56, 60. No four iron. For me it's all about 130 yards and in and four wedges help me break yardages more closely.
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