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I'd like to see them remove the name "Tiger Woods" from the name of the game.
  I don't know man, I just don't think that cruising around a "lush" course would be more enjoyable than pounding the ground on one of our goat courses.  I really don't know, but I may venture out one of these days.  
Actually, GPS is a satellite-based navigation system that can be used to determine distance whereas a laser can be integrated into a true range finder....Actually.  
There is no conflict or contridiction in my statement.  The prices are inflated AND you are expected to tip...how about they make up their minds?  I wouldn't mind paying more, as long as it a reasonable, if I wasn't expected to tip.  Raise these folks salary and remove the expectation of tipping.  Cheap maybe...jerk?  I think you need to look in the mirror.    
Tiger this and Tiger that is the reason that I removed the Golf Channel from my Twitter!
Holy cow y'all are generous.  I can't see myself paying more than $50 and that's not on a regular basis.
Can you not just wear a kilt?  That should give you plenty of air circulation.
Shorts it is.   Question:   Several of the posts staed that pants make you feel more like a professional golfer.   Why do you want to feel like a professional?
Wow, my first post here and I'm going to jump off into the mud.  I am not a big fan of "tipping" anyone...regardless of their job.  When you take the job you know what you are going to be making.  If you are not satisified with the salary then don't take the job.  If people are making less than minimum wage and are willing to accept it then they just get less money.  If the employer cannot afford to pay a decent salary then they should raise the price on their...
New Posts  All Forums: