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For sale is a Fujikara Motore 60 (Stiff shaft) with an R9 sleeve. Played for one round and hit about 30-40 balls on the range. Shaft looks absolutely brand new. Decided this shaft just isn't for me. Asking 85 shipped CONUS or best offer. Will send pics upon request.
18th hole at Winged Foot which is about 15 minutes from where I live although Ive never played it unfortunately.
If you are going to spend all that time practicing, practice with your wedge and your putter around the greens, I wouldnt be spending all that money on range balls. I go to the range about two to three times a week and I hit a medium bucket which costs about 5 dollars. Thats 15 dollars a week, the rest of the time im chipping around a practice green, hitting sand shots and putting. No need to beat that many balls per week. Maybe what you need to do is come up with a...
Ball position on driver swing is too far back in your stance, move it up a tad to get it maybe just inside your left heel. Also you have an extremely strong grip. That may not be bad for you though, I dont know what your ball flight is like but if you have a problem hooking the ball that could be your answer.
I agree with you 1,000%. I bought them and played with them for three rounds and could'nt get rid of them fast enough. NO FEEL for "players irons" as said above.
I hope your joking. If not read this http://www.usga.org/playing/etiquette/etiquette.html You should take care of the course.
I open my stance slightly, and open the face of the club slightly so that the "bounce" (which is the bottom of the club, the leading edge) will hit the sand first. What I then do is take two practice swings keeping my weight somewhat on my left foot (im righty), then I will look at the tiniest thing an inch behind the ball. I will swing aiming an inch behind the ball and the ball comes out every time usually where I want it to go.
I agree with Joshtpa, there are none out there that will do what you are looking for.
Doesn't make sense to me. The guy is playing the best golf probably of his life and he chooses at this time to skip the majors. I dont get it. Why people don't live for the now and not the future is boggling to me. Who cares about next year, a million things can happen to a person in the matter of a year. Play for now Kenny.
New Posts  All Forums: