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Let's Go Rangers  
What GPS software are you using on your Smartphone?  I used golf logix but had issues with the software and am wondering if there is something better I should download onto iPhone   Thanks
Sam Adams
I play 1 or 2 times per week.  I live on a golf course so I play that course 90% of the time.  I like playing new courses, but I have a membership and I look at the 18th hole from my front porch. 
About 10 - 11 yrs ago (I was younger and less control of my temper) I got fully disgusted as I hit three balls in a row into the water on a 180 yrd par 3.  I picked up my bag with my clubs and I tossed it into the pond, swearing I would never play golf again.  Everyone stood with their mouths open, then everyone busted out laughing when I announced my wallet and car keys were in my bag.  I had to swim in murky nasty water and dive down about 3 to 4 feet to retrieve...
Thanks for the info
I shot 87 for 18, par 71 course. I continue to birdie / par 6 or 7 holes per round, but I seem to always blow up on a couple of holes kill good rounds. 
During my last visit to Golf Galaxy I bought my 4.5 yr old daughter  Maxfli Jr. Series I Gold Golf Set She throws a ball righty, she writes righty, but she swings a bat and golf club lefty.  I took her out on New Years Day and she had a blast    
I used to play the ProV1x and was very happy with them.  Then my buddy suggested I try the Penta TP.  He felt the balls played similarly and the Penta TP were slightly less expensive.  I have to agree, great feel, good distance and nice amount of spin.  I have nothing bad to say about the ProV1x, but I am hooked on the Penta TP myself  
Played Friday Dec 30th for my last round of 2011 and again January 1 for my first round of 2012 
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