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Great choice! They've fine tuned them from last year. They will fit in nicely with what you currently have. Good luck with them!
If it ain't broke.....
I think Nike is quietly going in the right direction. The performance of the clubs are pretty good. If you get a chance and are in the market I'd at least demo one.  Everyone is different when it comes to club choice :-)
We actually have them available now for pre-sale. But the release day for store is Jan. 31. I've attached an image of the updated Covert 2.0 tour. It looks like you have some pics of last years Covert. I've got more is anyone wants to see the line-up. 
With the recent launch of the Nike Covert 2.0 golf clubs, I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were? Like them? Hate them? Blah? We had the chance to see them the other day and they are actually really good. I think know is a buyers market in the golf world, and it's worth it to "test drive" the clubs.  These are no exception, let the performance speak for itself. They stack up nicely!! Anyways, just wondering if anyone has had a chance to see them or read about them.
I agree ^^^^^^. If you call around your area, I would say that surely you can find someone who would be happy to fit you. I find it is most intimidating to call professionals but almost all are willing to help out. Best of luck!
Glad we could provide you with a good deal! Happy Holidays!
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