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12/14: 20% Off All Adidas adiZero Stand Bags Use Coupon Code: adizero20  
As far as the AP2 714, I doubt anyone will be running a special on them.  Titleist likes to protect their product by not dropping prices and by not diluting their market share.  I'll scan some places and let you know if I find anything.
12/13: 20% Off All Adidas Apparel   Use Coupon Code: adidas20
I could be cruel and let you wait out the deals. I won't do that though! Unfortunatley, the AP2 714's will not be featured as a deal during our 12 Deals of Golf Deals.
12/12: $20 Off All Callaway Forged Copper Wedges Use Coupon Code: copper20 Price with discount: $49.99
12/11: 15% Off All Adidas Golf Shoes Use Coupon Code: adishoes15
Please message me with exactly what items you had in the cart. This must get resolved!! I tested the code out to make sure, but you never know.  It should work on all Nike clubs that are in the Covert family. Let me know!
You can always get it now, and try it after Christmas
Just another reason why you have to go to work....to pick up your latest golf club!
12/10: So I need to start by saying this may be the best deal EVER. Do I have your attention now? We just lowered all of our Nike Covert golf clubs to ridiculous prices.  This deal here will give you an additional 25% off those prices!     Use Coupon Code: covert25   Here are some example of how cheap you can get these NEW Nike Covert clubs: Hybrid: $74.99 Fairway Wood: $97.49 Driver: $104.99   Don't forget about the free shipping. Check out the selection of...
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