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Sorry for the late response!  We offer full iron customization.  Actually, any customization you would like with any club, we can take care of it for you. We would love to help you find the perfect fit! Feel free to reply to this thread, or check out our website to learn more. When you are on a specific product page, please feel free to connect to our new live chat feature (on the right side of the screen) with one of our PGA Professionals! (You may be lucky and get me) We...
I'll check in with our club technician and let him know about the request!
It started the other day, but better late than never! Check out our 7th Annual End Of Summer Tent Sale! --->http://www.globalgolf.com/
Great to hear!!! Thanks for the support and let us know what we can do for anyone in the future.  
This style of shoe is becoming very popular and is trending in an increasing fashion.  What do you think this style of shoe should be called?? There are many versions out there and almost every company produces them in some fashion.  Everyone has a different name for them, spikeless, street, minimalist, zero drop, etc.  I just wanted to hear from all of you to see what the general thought is, and more importantly what the golf industry should refer to them as.
Thanks!! I just checked out your blog! Keep up the good work. I'll see if I can sift through the threads and find your swing. I'd love to take a look and help you out!
Agreed! I think the key is knowing that if you're going to "play safe", then play safe! Knowing where to miss and playing smart should take a few strokes off your game. If it doesn't it should at least make your round a little less stressful.
Hello, I am a golf junkie! Wow that felt good to get out, and I’m glad I’m amongst others.   Now for a brief bio…I got a relatively late start for most, 14. First round of high school tryouts I shot a 46. You would think one’s golf game would take off into orbit, but we all know golf. It’s quite the humbling sport. Anyways, I’ve been involved with golf my entire life. I am a PGA Professional and I’ve done every duty possible at a golf course. I’ve worked USGA and PGA...
I second getting hooked up with Orr! I'm thinking it isn't too long before J Rose hooks them up!  
That's a shame that all of your stuff was stolen. Unfortunately, it happens far to often. We have some great deals that would help fill out your bag. I don't know if your looking for new or used but we do offer both. Check out these links....   TaylorMade 3 Wood: http://www.globalgolf.com/gallery/search.aspx?searchstr=taylormade%203%20wood   Wedges: http://www.globalgolf.com/gallery/golfclub/-/ptid--5/wedge.aspx?searchstr=wedge
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