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Told you so!
I bought Oakley half-jackets last year. Just after the six-month warranty expired, one of the lenses broke where it connects to the frame. I called Oakley, sent them in and they repaired them for free. I thought I was good to go when I got them back about a month ago. This week I noticed both lenses are cracking. I'm going to call them tomorrow and see if they would be willing to replace them.
Looks like T2G missed the cut with a snowman. Too bad. Maybe he will be back. But what about him and Bri?
41-39 = 80 Played with my 16-year-old daughter yesterday afternoon. I hear you on the slow play. My club had two 18-hole courses. The course we wanted to play had the back nine closed due to recent heavy rain. So the other open course was more crowded than normal. We had a slow group in front and a fast group behind. I felt pressured but it wasn't our fault. I started out poorly but got much better. I hate the last hole and almost always bogey it. I hit a decent drive but...
Dollars to doughnuts it is a set up issue. I had a similar problem a while back. I was not making good contact wtih my irons and had lost distance. I took one lesson with a good pro. He watched me attempt to hit a few iron shots and then walked up and pulled my hands further away from my body. It felt akward at first but with in a few shots I felt like I had my swing back. He said I had probably slowly been letting the club creep to close to my body. I was having to come...
I don't like much in my pockets at all. I have a Crown Royal bag I keep in my golf bag in which I store my watch, ring, keys, change, pocket knife, etc... I take this stuff out of my pockets at the car and put them in the RC bag. When I'm done playing I take the tees, ball mark repair tool, etc... out of my pockets and put them in the RC bag ready for my next round. While playing I keep only a few tees, a ball mark repair tool with ball marker, and a provisional ball in...
Go Tommy! My money is on Dave going down next.
39-41 = 80. I got to play by myself this morning and even got to hit a second ball on a few holes. I played a links course with US Open rough. You are luck to find your ball if you hit out of the generous fairway. The front nine went very well and I started off the back nine with 4 pars. Then my lower back started hurting and the wind got up in my face and I couldn't make anything but bogey all the way in. Still respectable but I thought it would be my first venture...
Stay with it. From now on bogey is your personal par. A true par is like a birdie, a birdie like an eagle, etc... Now see how often you can go beyond "par" and you will be in the mid-80's with diligent practice. Hit a decent drive. Get it close to the green. Chip up and two putt. At this stage, two-putt greens are golden. Avoid the three-peat. Congradulations!
Sounds like a no-brainer if you like the course. I spend more than $39 per month in range balls.
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