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Your typical scratch male golfer is likely a working class guy who plays twice a week and maybe practices 3-4 hours a week.   The LPGA consists of the BEST female golfers on the planet. People who are the BEST....typically work very long hours being the BEST. So a LPGA pro likely plays and practices 55-65+ hours per week with top coaching, and custom fitted equipment.   Your average scores are approx. 3 strokes higher than your handicap....see...
So it seems like you have a pretty solid short game. So I assume your ball striking is quite inconsistent.I'm surprised a lady who has the ability to drive a ball 230 yards and a 6 iron up to 165 yards with a fairly sound short game would have a 24.7 handicap.
Julia: Yes...it was gorgeous outside....similar weather here In Vancouver. So I assume you live somewhere near Seattle?   Approx how many greens do you hit in regulation in an average round? How's your chipping and pitching?.....approx what percent do you get up and down from around the green?
Julia:You definitely have the passion to reach your goal....but are you not focusing on the wrong elements? Is it realistic that a 62 year old woman who seems to have a new physical ailment every 3 weeks in the past 4 months to hit a driver 250 yards which is the "mean" distance of the best women golfers on the planet (LPGA tour) where many are in their 20's, have been fitted with the best equipment, some of the best instructors available, practice 6+ hrs/day, phenomenal...
IMO...they have the right to play without being interfered with....but.....if you are ready to hit and they see you, they are not in danger of your shot (including a poor shot) and they are not near their golf balls....then fire away.
Kristy McPherson
Lucy Li qualified for the 2014 USWO at Pinehurst. Lydia IS a phenom.
And currently the world #1 female Am. Expect to see Brooke at 2015 LPGA Q school...she originally said she wanted to go to a D1 school.....but there's lots of media rumour that she'll likely bypass school and go pro....especially if she's successful at Q school. There's misinformation that Lydia is the youngest female to win a pro event....in fact Brooke beat Lydia by a few days.
I was at the 2012 CN CWO all week too.I had heard of and watched Lydia on GC when she was competing in the USGA Jr. Girls and Women's Am earlier that summer. On Saturday afternoon.......Lydia, her mom and a friend were eating kimbap, cherry tomatoes & watermelon (Lydia's mom os always bugging her to eat healthy) right beside me on the grass outside of the putting green....no one really knew her or was bugging her.......even though she was the 54 hole leader.....those days...
LOL Some info on the OP ******************************************************************************************************************************************* John Patrick Ennis (born July 14, 1960), also known as Sollog, is an American numerologist, mystic, and self-proclaimed psychic. He is also a self-published author and a self-described artist, musician, poet, and filmmaker.Since March 3, 2005 Ennis has been residing in Broward County, Florida jail awaiting...
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