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JuliaBest wishes on your plan to be a 5 cap in 3 years. You must be a very strong woman to be able to carry a driver 240 yards....never mind a very strong 62 year old women with a 24.7 handicap where you average scores are in the high 90's.I'd think Sally Little, 63 years old. a retired LPGA pro who won 15 times on tour would have a hard time carrying her driver 240 yards. Carry yardage chart for 93 & 100 driver SS at 220 and 240 yards, respectively. 
 If it was the gal in the black Volvik visor...I think it was fellow American, Victoria Elizabethhttp://www.volvik.com/volvik-on-tour/team-volvik/victoria-elizabeth.html
Agree....Lauren is the babe this season....nice rack.
Mmmmmm....luv me some Canadian Cougar.....Cheryl Bernard...she was the skip in the 2010 Olympics....I'm not sure if she's on the team in 2014.....enjoy!!!!!!
I never cared for Sandra....but this year at the Safeway....a friend told me I should go watch her play....so I did....and after a few holes...she's in my pool of 40 fav's.
Gerina is very attractive.....too bad she doesn't play the 'sexy' card.She's very boring in apparel.....always wears shorts or pants if it's cold....she never wears a skort.....she could be even more attractive if she dressed with more variety.
I'm sure Gulbis has a pretty solid pre-nupt and I think Josh stashed some money away even though his company went bankrupt. I'm sure Josh is a good 'salesman' but I think Gulbis would be cautious of any guy considering her net worth.   I met Josh in August at the Safeway event and spoke with him a few times. He was humble, sincere and engaging....he could have easily just brushed me off.....but he treated other spectators in the same enthusiastic fashion. The guy even...
Even though Gulbis's better playing days are behind her she's still a huge fan favorite and likely in the top 5 requested pros in the pro-ams.   Her bread is buttered outside the ropes. She has many sponsors. I'd bet she makes at least $1M/yr in endorsements...but I think it maybe closer to $2M/yr.   Even if she retires in 2 years, I've got to believe some of her sponsors will retain her on a lower monetary level.
On average I lose 1-2/rd maximum......and many times I won't lose a ball neither. But I find so many balls....so if I lose 1-2 balls....I likely come out with 3-4 balls cause I generally find balls when I go searching for mine. I also find my fair share of premium urethane cover balls too.   Between balls given to me and balls found....I have not bought any golf balls since 1992.
Mmmmmm....Gulbis.....Natalie's outstanding personality makes her so sexy...if she was a phony b_tch...yes she'd only be a 7 tops....but she's not......I've never seen her be rude to anyone at an event....IMO...she's the ideal wife.....attractive, nice, can golf and HAS TONS OF MONEY!!! Could you imagine playing golf in your 3some at the muni on a Saturday morning and a gal like Gulbis walks up and says"would it be ok if I joined your group"
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