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Yes and yes.
I am on the England Golf rating panel and a qualified Team Leader and in addition, an England Golf Handicap Advisor.The R&A have no interest in rating or handicap systems. I guess there are too many 'home grown' systems in the various countries the R&A cover. All the member countries of the European Golf Association and Scotland, Ireland, Wales and the defunct English Women's Golf Association have been using the USGA rating system for years. The English Golf Union (men)...
 The courses are a mixture of indoor lectures and much on course watching, listening, absorbing and practice.The Course Rating Manual runs to 121 pages and the separate Men's and Women's Guides to 36 pages each.I can't see it being done by self teaching. These may be of...
OK. I misunderstood the words you used. I took it that you were making a subjective allocation rather than taking figures from the book. I have just realised that the UK uses different working documents to those originally issued by the USGA. This is to allow for more paperwork to be done off the course in case of inclement weather.We generally tick boxes or enter actual measurements (eg FW width at LZ) to record the answers to the questions in situ, then do the...
The tables on pages 21 & 13 give little or no room for subjective assessments.
No. The raters don't determine points count when on the course. They work as team not as individuals. One (the team leader) will be recording and directing, the others taking measurements eg the depth of bunkers (under or over 3' say) and how extensive the 'protection' is (ie % of green perimeter closely bordered). Points are allocated off course and final checks and calculations done by the USGA at HQ. I have never heard of paid raters. Certainly on this side of the pond...
 The USGA mandates that rating is done by a team of a minimum of 3 experienced raters.
Newby ?
My manuals only cover 2012 - 2015 but it wouldn't surprise me if there had been a fair number of tweeks from 2011.
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