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I did that also.
 Yes. They factor in all such things in relation to their position on the course relative to (the distance) where the scratch or bogey player is expected to hit the ball.There are two ratings calculated. One for the scratch player and one for the bogey play. The slope is the gradient on a graph between these two points.  No one plays the course.
That is so.
OFF TOPIC   It has already been pointed out that this is the Rules Forum. Why do people have to continue posting here.
Examples from 33-8/41 (a) A small area of rare plants close to a putting green has been declared an environmentally-sensitive area. The Committee may define the area to be ground under repair or out of bounds, but it may not be defined as a water hazard or lateral water hazard. In view of the area's proximity to a putting green, it should not be defined as out of bounds because a stroke-and-distance penalty would be unduly harsh. It would be more appropriate to define the...
Are you actually a Referee? Remember, the Rules put no constraint on a Committee's power to declare any area GUR.
 Out of curiosity, how would you handle an area such as that which @iacas described? "if you have a dry ESA - say a field that houses a protected species of mouse, or salamander or lizard or bird or whatever, but you do not wish to penalize players when the area is within the boundary of the course (perhaps even between holes) AND from which they could otherwise play a shot?"
 It would seem that they are permanent Immovable Obstructions. Therefore normal free relief under rule 24 for lie of ball, stance and area of intended swing. Relief is not available for line of play.
Assuming the fans are not movable they are Immovable Obstructions and normal free relief is available for lie of ball, stance and intended area of swing. There is no free relief for line of play unless there is a local rule declaring them to be Temporary Immovable Obstructions.   Prohibiting normal free relief is not permitted.
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