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Looks good
No. I am suggesting that it is not high on the list of contributing factors. Others have implied otherwise. Read my first sentence again. You will see I was querying any suggestion it was important re PoP."What I can't understand about those who say ....... it significantly affects the PoP"
Ah! Didn't realise the Newport Cup was only between two teams. Obviously not this then https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newport_Cup_(golf)
I have no idea. I didn't but many posts in the thread seem to suggest it is significant. In fact I don't think it is very significant at all; especially in the context of 5 hour rounds.
What I can't understand about those who say that when they didn't play a provisional (because it seemed obvious the ball would not be lost because they 'could see it on the fairway'), it significantly affects the PoP. How long does it take to realise the ball is not on the fairway? Is five minutes really necessary in that situation? How long does it really take to walk back quickly and play another? And how many times does it happen during a round? If more than a couple,...
When does 1 + 1 = 1?  
As the note specifically says 'one person' and reinforces it with 'that person', your contention is correct.
Mr Tufts tells us this about it.   Approximately the equivalent of the one stroke penalty without the loss of distance is the penalty of loss of distance only which was experimented with in the early 1960’s by the USGA. Here it is assumed that a lost ball or a ball out of bounds is a question of fact, wholly beyond the control of the player, and that since the player is therefore not in a position to create an advantage to himself from the situation, a penalty of the...
A brief history   The penalty for a lost ball is the same now as in the oldest written Rules of 1744 In the revised Leith code of 1775, the rule was changed to stroke only, and a player dropped a ball where he judged the original was lost. 1839 Honourable Company adopted the 1829 St Andrews rules, and thus inherited the stroke and distance penalty. 1842 St Andrews changed to three strokes and distance! 1846 Rescinded. 1891 Separate procedures for match and stroke...
Moving rocks (or stones) out of  bunker is an approved (by the USGA/R&A) Local Rule. I am told they are still thinking about pine cones (as at 12 months ago).
New Posts  All Forums: