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If there is a conflict, they do.
If there is a conflict, they do.
Notify the green super. It will only get worse. He should mark it GUR and pierce the turf to let the water out before too much pressure lifts more turf.
 Unless your ball is in a water hazard.
34-3. Committee’s Decision In the absence of a referee, any dispute or doubtful point on the Rules must be referred to the Committee, whose decision is final.   COMMITTEE'S DECISION 34-3/1 Correction of Incorrect Ruling in Stroke Play Q.During the first round of a 36-hole stroke-play competition, a competitor plays a wrong ball from a bunker at the 6th hole and the ball comes to rest on the green. He then realizes that he has played a wrong ball and corrects his...
There isn't a penalty (as such) for playing out of turn in matchplay. However, the opponent may immediately require the player to recall the shot and play again.
The road on the 17th at St Andrews.
Yes.   Obstructions An “obstruction’’ is anything artificial, including the artificial surfaces and sides of roads and paths and manufactured ice, except: a. Objects defining out of bounds, such as walls, fences, stakes and railings; b. Any part of an immovable artificial object that is out of bounds; and c. Any construction declared by the Committee to be an integral part of the course. An obstruction is a movable obstruction if it may be moved without unreasonable...
Hole hard right. Ball enters right side near green end. But the committee would see it on the ground (as it were).
14-2/2.5 didn't come in until 2010 so you are excused 
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