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There are only 3 fewer rules in Tennis than Golf
The OP said "I’ve never fully understood the ruling on distance stakes. More specifically the ones in the middle of the fairway" Fourputt refers to such stakes.
Why would anyone pay $ s for a piece of blank card
See post #3
When the ball is on the tee it is not yet in play. The rule about moving the ball only applies to a ball in play. If you swing and miss the ball on the tee, that is a counting stroke. 
 To get the ball to move upwards you have to exert some sideways pressure. The liner will resist it but the 1" of earth above the liner may not, particularly if the earth is wet or crumbly dry.
Carry on with the original ball from where it finishes. Add a 2 sp to his score. If he  was not sure of his next action he should play two balls following the procedure in rule 3-3 nominating which ball he wishes to count if it was played according to the rule.  http://www.usga.org/Rule-Books/Rules-of-Golf/Rule-03/#3-3 As he was in a bunker the original lie must be re-created as nearly as possible and the ball must be placed in that lie. The tuft of grass is no considered...
 I sincerely hope the latter.
A note written by a senior member of the USGA.   On the “Multi-functional device" side of the flowchart, it delineates between the functionality of the device and the functionality of the actual distance-measuring application. It may sound like semantics, but you have to remember that the term "multi-functional device", extends beyond smartphones. This is accomplished in the flowchart by asking two questions:  1) “Is the distance-measuring application capable of...
The weather on your app is probably from the same source as the tv or radio.
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