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Very. The expectation (hope?) is that will arrive in about 2020.And that it will be a joint R&A/USGA package (a la Rules and Amateur Status). So the R&A will be involved in handicapping for the first time.
From the Ruling Bodies "This device has not been submitted to us as yet, so no formal ruling has been given. However, based on the information gleaned from the website, i.e. that the distance provided is slope adjusted, then it would appear that the use of this device during a stipulated round would be a breach of Rule 14-3 even if the Local Rule was in place".
From the Golf Australia manual.   5. The Player (i) A player shall have one GA Handicap only and this shall be managed by their Home Club.     This common to all handicap systems that I know of.
Not obtuse but pedantic. You said they looked like caterpillars. I said they are caterpillars. The rules significance is that a hole made by a squirrel may look like a hole made by a burrowing animal but it is not. Pedantry has its place. 
Cutworms are soil-dwelling caterpillars of several species of moth. They are not worms of any sort.
He said " they looked like earthworms. Also, A couple of fuzzy caterpillars were around." Caterpillars are not worms. Nor do they excrete soil.
Look like earthworm casts. Cutworms don't make casts from the soil, they eat the shoots directly without processing any soil
A very minor push is a push nontheless
Isn't that what the rule tells us to do?
I spoke to three increasingly senior people. The phone receptionist told me he would put me through to the person who dealt with golf. I was then passed on to others who would "give me the answer"I was after information about the whole range of golf dmds
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