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85% is a pretty good score.
Generally, casual caddies are not expected to have great Rules knowledge.
Oops!     You are correct. I had forgotten the original problem was whether it was in the bunker or not. I was just thinking that he was doubtful about declaring it unplayable or not. Not about the appropriate procedure.
3-3 is only available if the player has doubt about the applicable rule or how to proceed under the rule. It is not about having a choice about how to play.
That is perfectly legitimate. The Committee has the discretion to say anything is GUR.It is arguable that flower beds have no place being on a golf course. They could of course declare them as OoB. But you would like that even less.  “Ground under repair” is any part of the course so marked by order of the Committee or so declared by its authorized representative.
Was there any possibility that it was in the fringe of long grass
As the distance gained is likely to be long, it will a serious breach, resulting in DQ if not corrected.
Which Rule are you talking about?  25-2. Embedded BallA ball embedded in its own pitch-mark in the ground in any closely mown area through the green ........The Decision tells us the ball is not lying through the green. I think you may be getting confused with 25-1b/25Ball Enters Burrowing Animal Hole in Bunker and Is Found Underneath Putting GreenQ.A ball enters a burrowing animal hole in a greenside bunker and is found underneath the putting green. As the ball is not in...
   1) 27-4 Time Permitted for Search for Original Ball and Provisional BallQ.Is a player allowed five minutes to search for his original ball and five more minutes to search for his provisional ball, or just a total of five minutes?A.If the two balls are so close together that, in effect, both balls would be searched for simultaneously, a total of five minutes for search is allowed. Otherwise, the player is allowed to search five minutes for each ball.2) Because TV and...
Also from the USGA siteMeaning of "Known or Virtually Certain"When a ball has been struck towards a water hazard and cannot be found, a player may not assume that his ball is in the water hazard simply because there is a possibility that the ball may be in the water hazard. In order to proceed under Rule 26-1, it must be "known or virtually certain" that the ball is in the water hazard. In the absence of "knowledge or virtual certainty" that it lies in a water hazard, a...
New Posts  All Forums: