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The Round had been completed by the player. 8-1. Advice During a stipulated round, a player must not: a. give advice to anyone in the competition playing on the course other than his partner,  8-1/18 Player Who Has Not Yet Played Seeks Advice from Player Who Has Finished Round Q.May a player about to start his round seek advice as to clubs used at various holes from a player who has just finished? A.Yes. Rule 8-1 applies only during the play of a...
You didn't say that in the OP. The information that he had marked the ball earlier was crucial. Given that the thread is about the ball or marker being moved during the lifting or marking process, its absence didn't help. 
20-1/6Ball-Marker Moved Accidentally by Player in Process of Marking Position of BallQ.A player marked the position of his ball with a coin, lifted the ball and pressed down the coin with the sole of his putter. He walked to the edge of the green and then noticed that the coin had stuck to the sole of the putter. What is the ruling?A.In this case, the movement of the ball-marker was directly attributable to the specific act of marking the position of the ball.Accordingly,...
What difference in the spirit of the game is there in someone choosing and recommending the best club for a player and telling him which is the best direction to play? Surely club selection is a skill. What do you mean by 'spirit of the game'?
You are in fact quite correct.
I am available at pretty short notice. All I ask for is travel and accommodation expenses.
Good point. When lifting a ball for identification the the rule says "The ball must not be cleaned beyond the extent necessary for identification when lifted under Rule 12-2." This concession is not given in 5-3. It wouldn't surprise me if a ruling in equity was acceptable but the RBs must have a specific reason for not including it in the rule.
If there is interference from two or more different conditions, the player may choose which relief procedure he wants to exercise first.   25-1b/11 Ball in Casual Water Within Ground Under Repair Q.A ball lies in casual water within an area defined as ground under repair. May a player take relief from the casual water under Rule 25-1b, drop the ball in the ground under repair, and then either play the ball as it lies or take relief from the ground under repair under...
Indeed. You can always do that but it costs.
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