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Oops also. I missed the specific of the question.
In fact nearly 3 years ago
That was the answer given many times almost a year ago.
Even I spotted that.
You are confusing the use of the words in the definition of a loose impediment. “Loose impediments’’ are natural objects, .... provided they are not: fixed or growing, An “obstruction’’ is anything artificial, including the artificial surfaces and sides of roads and paths and manufactured ice,  Trees don't match that definition. Perhaps you meant obstacle?
I must admit I share the oak's sentiments at times but my point was  - we don't transform them into obstructions
 Bit of a tangent really but notice the subtle difference in that LR and the young trees LR.
More accurately As he got a drop then case closed. 
"Spieth dropped into a depression, left the chip short and missed his metre-long par putt before dispatching the ball into the lake in frustration".   "Each time (it has happened this year), it has cost me a shot ... all three times."   Perhaps he ought to practice dropping.
 1) Correct. 2) Not quite. The player may only take relief if there is interference from the abnormal ground condition
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