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Think i will get the pro to take a look at it for me. I just find it strange that i could hit my last 3 iron (ping black dot)  fine(ish..26 handicapper remember) but this 4 iron is killing me. thanks for the advice guys
i know those games might make me seem quite obnoxious but dont get me wrong, they are only played with the closest of friends on the rarest of occasions. 
Also a game called 'Chicken'.....another really stupid game....you each get the opportunity to shout (although not loud enough to bother other groups) 'CHICKEN' during the backswing of one of your group, the beautiful thing is that you cant not think about it happening during your swing even when no one calls it.........I play a lot of non serious rounds
Not really a bet, but we play something we call 'Reverse Mulligans'....when one of our group hits an amazing shot the other three have the option of calling a reverse mulligan, which means the player has to take the shot again and loses the original shot. a really stupid rule, but funny for the other three.
Thanks guys for the advice, dont worry i'm under no illusion that my lack of ability will be, for the most part, the reason things go wrong. 
I'm thinking i should have hit all the clubs, although i did go through the set but tended to jump a club, i.e 9-7-5......there is still the possibility that I'm just terrible at hitting that particular club, but i do find it strange that i had (relative) success with my previous 3 iron.
Hi All   during the fitting for my irons it was decided that my irons should be bent 2* upright. This has worked out fine for the most part, however i now cannot hit my 4 iron at all without a viscious slice. As a high handicapper i have struggled with longer irons before but prefer them to hybirds (which i cannot hit at all), however it has got to the stage where i wont even reach for the 4 iron. Could this be down to the 2* upright or am I just being...
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