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I have used a Yes Callie putter for 5-6 years. I like how it feels and how it rolls the ball. It also suits my eye. It seems to work better for me than the numerous others I have tried.
Winn grips have a history for wearing unusually fast. Many of the Winn grips do have a nice feel, especially for those with arthritis and others dealing with "vibration" issues. However, if you do a search either on Google or on an internet golf discussion board, you will find that many others have experienced this problem. I'm not knocking Winn, but this has been an apparent characteristic of their grips. 
You might want to check this out: Halo Headbands. They are sweat bands that you wear under your hat.     haloheadbands.com     Halo Headband: Sweatbands That Work For Any Sport
You can only really tell by hitting them all... outside. You have some good candidates from which to choose. I personally like Mizuno, so I am biased. But, as I said before, take your time and hit them all. Enjoy the process... and your new irons.   I'm curious. Why are the local shops steering you away from the Titleists?
I have used a Bennington Quiet Organizer for years. After much research and many rounds, it is definitely MY favorite cart bag and bag design.
I'm in! Thanks for the opportunity.
Thanks. I use an Orange Whip. Happy Holidays!
FYI... Sun Mountain makes all of Titleist's golf bags.
Thank you for the second video and for specifically addressing my questions and concerns. I genuinely appreciate it.   As I mentioned in my previous email, I am a longtime Bennington Quiet Organizer cart bag user. They are incredible bags. I am sure that you will enjoy it even more once you get it out on the golf course. Club chatter is non-existent. I have six-year old, forged MacGregor irons that still look practically brand new despite many rounds of golf each...
Thank you for making the video. I appreciate it.   I have owned and heavily used a Bennington Quiet Organizer cart bag for 6-7 years. I also use a Cliqgear 2.0 push cart. So, your video is especially helpful. I am really into comparing and using gear and I have found that--for MY wants and needs--the Bennington Quiet Organizer is MY best choice.   My Bennington bag has held up exceptionally well; I play at least 75 rounds a year. I am looking to replace it...
New Posts  All Forums: