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As a 12 year old I had a choice on Saturdays, play golf with Grandpa or work with my dad. Easy choice. Now at 47 I play everyday, but Sunday. And I love it more each year.
Let me clarify. There is good public golf in the country, just not around where I live. Public golf around here is 5 hour rounds at low, low, low quality tracks. At our CC I walk 9 in 1:15-1:30 depending on how well I'm hitting the ball, which is grand.
Public golf isn't worth playing, I'd rather just hit balls on a range than play on a public course. I only play golf at the CC, I don't attend any functions, rarely make my food minimums, it's all about the golf.
In the summer I walk 9 in the morning before work, then walk another 9 during lunch. Started 2 years ago. Gives me about 22,000 steps on Fitbit.
Rickie is no longer listed as playing Titlest clubs player on Titlest's site, I would suspect the rumor of the move to Cobra is true.
New Posts  All Forums: