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Awesome stuff here...   I understand Mac was doing a Course in the UK...not sure if it was open to the public.
  I've been Playing Golf for:​ 3-4 years My current handicap index or average score is: 13 My typical ball flight is: push/cut/slice/fade :) The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: high balloon cut   Im trying to keep more centered over the ball and more 40-50 to help get my weight shifted...im struggling to get the hips and tilt in though which is frustrating as it steepens everything.   Videos:
Only thing that will get a ball to check is for it to be spinning backwards to the target....right?   So if you are decreasing the dynamic loft on that face then you won't have much club face to roll up unless you really pick it every time, which is lie dependent and skill/timing dependent.   I was going to post that Waite/Mayo vid which is funny.
Funny, if the wind was behind them all day I wonder if they would have scrapped scores :)
Hi, I don't get how software could help me if I was originally doing it at 30FPS?   Got the ZR300 for xmas and love it, with the exception of battery life which is poor when I'm doing a lot of recording :) I will be buying a second battery for this though.   Dosn't have manual exposure but i can do 120FPS in low light and that remediates issues in my poorly lit golfing hobbit hole (Garage net). :)
I use them for glute and leg work.....im a bit worried I need to go above 20kg now though as my gym dosen't have one!   MyTPI have some excellent lessons for the bells.
This workout class is hard work http://www.lesmills.com/cx30/about-cxworx.aspx well recommended for glute and core work.
Going to maybe talk utter rubbish here as i'm not a bio mechanic but are the hips not going to suffer but the muscles around them?
I've played Tenpin Bowling up and to a high international level, gave it up when I was about 25 and got the bug for golf about 3 years ago. This involved a work ethic to probably match golf, with travelling to tournaments on the road and also internationally etc   I always say to anyone who asks how long i've played golf competitively that I'd probably be much better off if i'd started golf early on, however of course i'll never know. I reflect on my bowling career...
In the UK we use the CSS system.   Put your cards in, a HCP is a judge of ability and will even out, are you going to avoid wind for the rest of your golfing career :)   Dan
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