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@mvmac no lateral sway away from the central pivot through engaging my left hip flexor.   
Thanks for the help @mvmac    Important I maintain the quiet lower body doing this....just to remind myself :)
Actually I did mean the right arm! So I need a bit of external rotation of the arm...? The crunched up feel and lack of release into the ball is a Bain, I just wish I could get rid of it. Btw is that lack of ER in the right arm why I go over the line a bit?
Work from today         Noticed my face is a bit too closed at the top, so its time to work on keeping more width with my left arm in the backswing. 
What a great find of podcasts...   Merry xmas
@JetFan1983 thanks dude....i have had to work hard on it...and that includes getting in the gym three times a week to strengthen.   I really also understand my swing now thanks to working with some great coaches and researching the swing intensely, i also understand when and why I'm slipping back to older habits.   Swing from tonight working on feeling much more solid ground force with my left side     I will do some side on video over the weekend as its really...
@golfingdad Yeh I agree with you it is a priority, maybe I didn't write the appropriate wording for the situation, I had a really poor session on sunday where my swing started to slip back to its old pattern, I've got to work on this next session then of course work on the weight transfer. I work on my game mostly every two days so its not weeks away.   It's winter here too so its hard to hit balls every day...i'm not in sunny california remember ;) I wish i was though.
@mvmac  thanks, the weight shift is my next goal once my backswing is instinctively there, I have always spun my whole body thinking this added power...which turned into the flip!   Its having the right weight transfer but not moving the whole upper body, then getting those GRF you talk about.   What could I use like the ball the guys demonstrate under my left foot? Maybe a tennis ball?
Yes...just done this!
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