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Bit cheesy for me in areas....a lot of the rory story i think is sugar coated, i'm sure it wasn't all happy families and there were plenty of up's and downs relationship wise in the family, and i'm sure the whole "golf when you want where you want" is over exaggerated. Houses this part of the world are small....he would not had got away with chipping balls into a washing machine all day I can tell you!   He also didn't use nike clubs from what i've read :)
haha man after my own heart regarding Movie candy!
This is what I expected from it, in England we either stock up with food and drink (won't be booze before)...get something quick at the turn (again it won't be booze), or do it after.    None of the above applies during competitions for club golfers...for casual golfers who play the goat tracks then they mainly either take there own beer or are already pissed before arriving as they are on a long weekend at the venue playing multiple courses in a society event.   To be...
He's my coach :) 
Tick tock tick tock?  
Wow what a resource, i've got some work to do here, i suffer from all the symptoms you mention on an Accellerator poor distance control, i also miss a lot of short putts through this accelleration i think.   So the key is to deaccerallerate the putter before impact?
Now amended...
Working with more bent right hand, it felt much more controlled actually, and I could use the arms less with less right forearm dominance.   Sorry about the zoom level, didn't realise it was zoomed!  
@mvmac good observation, its hard to get video of top guys putting really other than the seconds you get on the tour coverage. That might explain why I struggle to get the right arm the same level to the left arm.   Full swing is getting better BTW, i'm working on stablisation of the left side at the moment to improve my secondary tilt.   Not got video at the moment as my Casio Exilim gave up the ghost (too many drops and usage after two years!)   Sorry about the...
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