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@mvmac Is this right foot banked drill correct hip wise?   Really still struggling to stop spinning out and flipping it with a pull or push the end result if I do...     Full shot  
I mean gym exercises....
Whats the best exercises to get me into decent secondary axis tilt.
Maybe i've posted the wrong yardage, the bunker in question is 72 yards to the middle, this is the example type of bunkering I mean. With a 10 yard incline.   http://www.ferndowngolfclub.co.uk/hole_18_-_old_course
They seem to be splash short shots...i'm talking bunkers that are out of splash shot distance and 25-50 yards back.
I know this has been discussed, you can either go with a 8-9 iron and splash it...or go with direct contact with a wedge and make sure you don't dig to get that spin and stop.   I tried the Iron option yesterday and was god dam awful...both attempts (under pressure) I hit the ball way behind just getting the ball out the bunker...I tried opening the face a bit...   What's the required ball position and body in relation to path you need to use the iron dump and run?
Cheers...I "do" do the roll and superman's but not enough ;)
Work from today, downswing and move into flexion and extension needs so much more work as my heads still going forward and my hips spinning a bit....upping my workout now so I can get this spot on by the new season.  
Ok, never lifted before, I was on kettle bells last year, i got upto a 20KG Kettlebell that I think i could bump up further.   I got a barbell (light one) for xmas from my partner (long relationships you run outa ideas lol), wow I'm really seeing some benefits of using it to engage and explode in my swing, coupled with picking up help from Mvmac on extending in the downswing.   One issue I am getting is my mid back (lats?) is suffering, which is down to form and a real...
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