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Why I love this forum.....
Was it Sergey Brin or Jerry Chan by any chance haha
I'm on 13 and thought that to get to scratch i need to rebuild my swing and work out on my limitations and parts of my anatomy that lack the required strength.   When I get to 5 (because I will) I will know it will be down to things like course management, pre round mobility and firing of the right parts of my body for my swing, putting and increased luck :)
Comments...   1. Working on stabilising the lower body with ground forces to feel the kinematic sequence  2. Feeling that I don't use the arms from the top of my backswing 2. Gym work is now upto 4 times a week through the offseason, man this is paying off!
Watching this course is actually pretty good to me.   It is quite nice to see how they are playing on such a poor standard course thats clearly never had the money spent on it like say riviera, certainly on the shots into the rough thats high and pretty wild.  Kinda also reminds me of a UK course in summer that has little irrigation.
What Watney should have said first was..."I'll pay you next week"    It was britain after all and we are not great spenders!
Tiger's woes are just teething, I am not sure we'll see him back to winning majors though down to the fact he will have much more competitors per major to worry about.   Funny how all this comes down to......not finding the bottom of a good dam swing arc
I think this is ridiculous and they need to take a look at the bigger picture.   The players they work for win money invested by the sponsor!   Utter madness.
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