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I have several mallett putters,I currently use the SG9 which is more a semi mallett.I have a Scotty Red X and a Ray Cook M-1.Malletts are nice but it takes a while to controll speed comming from a blade.I just treated myself to a Wilso new 8882 blade that will hit the market 2/1/10 and hopefully GPP will get it to me before my San Diego reunion with the old Marine buddies.
I am being somewhat flippant but you can not begin to compare the PGA tour with any other pro sport.ALL the major pro sports have contracts with unions representing the players who realize for the good of the game independent contractors do not work.Now that Tiger is away when they renegotatiate the TV package do ypu think it will increase?If they banded as a union they could guarentee so many top 10 for certain events and therefore get more fee rights from...
I have been playing Cally graphite irons for a long time and usually there is a plastic sticker on the 8 iron near the club head and shaft meet.
I keep hearing that each player is a "Independent contractor".If this is so then why have a PGA or USGA or R&A at all?Lets everyone meet at bethpage Black 2 weeks from Thursday and we will play for lets say 6 million?Oh by the way we each have to put up 500,000 so we can have a good purse and rent the course.See we are independent contractors and do not have to answer to anyone.Yeah good luck keeping that going.
How about the money raised for chairity by the event?If all they have is bottom feeders showing up for a specific event then who the hell will buy the tickets?Might as well cut the schedule down to say 15 events per year?That would be the death of pro golf.Out of sight out of mind.
I hear the Old Crosby tourny is in trouble in 2 weeks because of alll the money being offered in Qater and ABU DHABI the next few weeeks.Should the tour in these economic times force certain players to stay here and play?Kim,Perry and several others have allready said they will play over sea's the next few weeks for good appearence money.What do you think?
Hey under parr do not let anyone one harrass you.My wife and I have our place in Myrtle all picked out and purchased and are allmost ready to retire to a golfing destiny.I plan on being turned loose every morning with 5 clubs and 3 balls and hopefully the wife willl be able to find me at night.If not who the hell cares?I will be wacking away at 2 in the morning.
My wife and I have played several US Open courses together from Torrey to Pinhurst to the Black and she keeps up with her wheelie on the Black and even broke 100 {95} on Torrey South so she is as addicted as I am.
Let me ask a dumb question,If I play Pebble can I walk and carry my own sticks?
If you can find the clubs on callaway used site do it as they stand behind the stuff like no other company around.The customer service they have is second to none.Most of the time if you have your exact specs they will bend or lenthen for you.
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