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Yes please let there be no ambiguity about this. Lowering the loft with the Taylormade hosel system with open it and raising the loft will close it. Anyone who tells you they're getting results that say otherwise probably are causing those results with a change in their swing. If you look at the club at address and then change the loft and view the club at address again you will find that the club will look consistent with the changes that I have described. 
Lower opens the face. Higher closes it. 
I've actually gotten the flop shot down pretty well with my 60 degree. It's become a very useful tool in my arsenal (or lack there of). My bump and run is pretty rough. I don't really practice it too much. Flop shots get a lot of work because I chip golf balls in my back yard with my lab. She chases them down and brings them back to me. It's done wonders for my short game.   I can slice a shot like hell if I want to. My miss is a hook but when I try to do a...
Unfortunately being a lefty has one big downfall. No one ever has clubs for me to try. 
When you raise or lower the loft you're also opening and closing the face. You raise the loft; you close it. You lower the loft; you open it. Whatever degree amount that you change the loft just double that amount for how much you're changing the face angle. So if you lower the club 1 notch to .75 degrees lower then you're opening the face 1.5 degrees. Hope that helps. 
I'm up in the air between these two. Anyone have any input that can help me out?
Where did you find that chart? Did you make that or is that posted somewhere?
Hey guys haven't been able to play much golf lately due to time and money constrictions but I went to the driving range for the first time in over a month in a half the other day and tried to assess the damage to my swing in the time off from golf. I felt like I hit the ball pretty well for the most part but there were definitely plenty of shots I was less than pleased with as you'll see. Took a couple videos of the Driver and 6 iron as usual.   
If it was the full-swing brand monitor which is the one we have at the Dick's where I work then anything that starts out left of the yellow line goes left and if it starts right it goes right. Funny thing is the tee is about 4 inches to the right of the yellow line so if you hit it dead straight it will tell you that you hit a small fade. It's pretty much worthless at reading side spin. 
The S56's are the most recent ones in that line. I've heard mixed reviews on those ones but the majority seems to lead towards the "meh they're alright I guess" type response. The Mizuno MP-59's are crazy forgiving being a muscleback/half cavity type iron and is butter soft. The MC's from Taylormade are what I'm playing right now but if I had known I would have been able to get a PUD from Mizuno 3 weeks before hand I wouldn't have bought the MC's. The Razr X forged I...
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