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I know tour pros go through completely different club fittings than we do, but i think Rory is gonna have a hard time getting used to those Nike VR wedges after playing Vokey's for so long.. I made the opposite switch this year and the vokeys feel so much heavier than my VRs. They look similar at address but have a totally different feel. There probably isn't that big of a weight difference, but it definitely changed my shot making around the greens when I switched to...
I wish I was in Hilton Head this week!!!   I'm up north and it is killing me.  The heritage may be my favorite tournament that I have ever attended...aside from the Masters.  And I have been to three PGA's, Two US Opens and a bunch of others.   It's just so laid back and cool in Hilton Head.  So jealous of my family who all gets to go while I am stuck in NW Indiana. 
I started to doing the fast option for chipping. it works, but if you are slightly off you are screwed.  I do it for all my putts under 7-8 feet as well...it takes the break out and goes in most of the time.   Also, I just now noticed that the tournaments that you are setting up aren't Tour Pro and allow you to use spin.   I think you should still make them custom with the grid, but no spin.  I never use spin because it is completely unrealistic...its like saying when...
I would thrown it right back to him....probably not, but that would be cool. If Augusta wanted it for some bullish$t Jim nance moment, they better make me a member!
It is terrible...i know there has to be some trick to it that we aren't getting, but it's still terrible. I got pretty good at the putting but it is totally unrealistic pulling back your putter super slow until you get to the line. I thought they were pushing this whole tempo based swing. If I putted or chipped like that on the course people would laugh at me.
Made a run at you, Jamo! I was left a 5 or 6 just a millimeter short...I actually thought I was going to pull it off at first. Anyone else seeing glitches in your game? The commentators in my game always start stuttering and every once in a while things will happen like hitting a PW 200+ yards and obviously out of bounds. This always happens when you buy the first run of new games...especially with Tiger.
Just accomplished two things that I never knew where possible... First, there was a glitch in my game or my controller was stuck and kept making my strike meter move up without me touching anything...I swung and missed 4 times!..then it made me skull a ball into the water. Hence going -8, -9, +2 in my first three rounds. TOTAL BULLSH#T! Although, I know that swinging and missing is actually not just a glitch though because it unlocked an achievement when I did...
I was playing with Tiger too
Ahhhh....it was after two rounds...but -12 in round 2 is pretty impressive. Did you stay late after round 1 to work some stuff out on the range? Ha ha:-D
Jamo must have bought the collectors edition and has been taking advantage of the state of the art practice facilities at Augusta! -15?
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