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I let my first tee ball dictate how my round is going to pan out. I need to fix that.
What about the self ego strokers that challenge everyone (loudly, so everyone hears)  to a big money round? I think they're trying to make themselves look like scratch golfers. 
In my area people want about 80% of what equipment costs new, even if it's 10 years old. It's very hard to find a decent deal on used clubs. The initial cost of getting golf equipment is high.   The courses near me are usually packed. There are multiple people that I work with that won't golf (but own clubs), because they're afraid of "embarrassing" themselves. 
My best friend and golf partner (also posts on here) usually play as a twosome. We have only been paired up with other players once, and while one of the guys was friendly, the other guy was a d-bag. He offered unsolicited help, when he was no better than we were. He was the kind of guy that liked to invade personal space as well. I would not play another round with him, but his co-worker would be welcome any time.
I too struggle with this. I went to the range a month ago and I only made good contact about 5 times, out of a bucket of 75 balls.    Sure hope everything returns to normal, I made great progress last year.
Breaking 100, then 95. I hope to nab 90 in 2013.
-Break 90.   -Walk more often.   -Practice short game (wedges, putting) a lot more than I did in 2012.   -Have as much fun as I did in 2012.
I switched from a mallet style Odyssey putter to a blade style Taylormade putter and I have GREATLY improved, even the first time I used it. I'd say it knocked at least 5 strokes off my score card per round, easy.   I'd recommend testing as many as you can. I think I tried 20 different putters before I found the putter that I like.
I've been 300, but it doesn't happen a whole lot. Usually around 270.
I look like a 5 handicap off the mats with my irons. At first I enjoyed it because I thought I had greatly improved, but then realized that it has only hurt my game. I will no longer use a mat.
New Posts  All Forums: