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After doing some web research, I have two legal options to playing with my long putter (no anchoring). I found both options watching a video from the Golf Channel's website instructional segment, The Golf Fix. I will start practicing at home and at the course, weather permitting. Two years to perfect a new putting stroke. But my goal will be to change to a legal stroke this year.
I am a 55 year old weekend golfer who almost gave up the game of golf four years ago because of the "yips" when putting. I tried many things to correct this problem with no success. My father suggested I try a long putter. OMG, my three putts were a thing of the past. My handicap dropped from an 18 to an 11. The joy of the game has returned. After reading the many post on this subject, I can tell you that I will not give up my putter. I play in a association with 120...
I also believe getting fitted is a must when buying new clubs. I had two fittings one week apart. The first fitting my swing was awful, my stats were the same from my fitting last year + 1/2 length, up 1 lie, and stiff steel shaft. I decided to go to a different golf shop Friday. My swing tempo was smoother and I was hitting the irons square on the face. My length was standard, but my lie changed to standard and my graphite shaft changed to stiff/regular (Mizuno JPX 825...
I have been having pain in my right wrist for the last year and a half. I saw a hand specialist this week and after an X ray of my wrist, I have arthritis. I do not want to stop playing golf, I love this game. What can I do to keep playing? Change equipment, wrist brace, therapy, medication? This doctor I saw was worthless in giving me ideas to keep playing.
I agree with you all, I am not going to spend $300 on a "fancy" fitting session. Now the fun starts, finding NEW Irons with free fitting! 
I do 15 minutes of cardio and lift weights 3 times a week at a local fitness center, never on the days I play golf. I have been working out for three years and lost 25lbs.
This fitting is a "full- blown" dynamic fitting (2 to 3 hrs long). I am going to pass and spend the money on new irons. Thanks for the imputs. 
I have been playing golf for many years and have been fitted for irons 10 years ago. I stopped by a Golf Etc store to ask about their Performance Fitting Center; $300 for woods and irons computer fitting. I am a 12 handicap and wonder if an expensive computer fitting is worth the money. I am planning to buy new irons next month.
New Posts  All Forums: