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First round of the year. Playing a par 3 course that I have played for many years. This is what was left for me on the longest hole on the course, a 215 yard hole. Pretty impressed with myself. :) And I sunk the putt!
Never thought of putting my putter in with my drivers, but that's a darn good idea. Going to try that out for my next round.
This thread really caught my eye because I am currently playing the MP68s, and love them, but also because the first set of clubs that I purchased with my own money (around 15 years ago) were a set of Haig Ultras, the irons Shorty used to illustrate a true blade. Loved them too. I feel that I am in the exact same boat as the OP, in that I might play better with a set of GI or SGI irons, but I just can't deal with super fat toplines, or offsets, hell I can't even hit...
I don't have a drive, I live in an apartment. :(
My favorite parts of this thread is when the Warrior Golf reps argue with each other about the cost of shipping another manufacturers clubs.
I started the year playing proV1's, realized that I was not good enough for them (and too poor to afford them) and have been playing different balls for the rest of the season. I am playing the Nike PD Long balls, and actually play pretty well with them. I am always on the lookout for different, decently cheap balls.
I can drive my Honda Civic 140 mph, and I can prove it in Gran Turismo, which is a real driving simulator.
What if I don't like either? Does that make me a super-racist?
  Patrick, don't forget about the Quote button underneath people's posts, so that we know which previous post you are referring to.
  Had to look this one up, hilarious!
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