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I don't have a drive, I live in an apartment. :(
My favorite parts of this thread is when the Warrior Golf reps argue with each other about the cost of shipping another manufacturers clubs.
I started the year playing proV1's, realized that I was not good enough for them (and too poor to afford them) and have been playing different balls for the rest of the season. I am playing the Nike PD Long balls, and actually play pretty well with them. I am always on the lookout for different, decently cheap balls.
I can drive my Honda Civic 140 mph, and I can prove it in Gran Turismo, which is a real driving simulator.
What if I don't like either? Does that make me a super-racist?
  Patrick, don't forget about the Quote button underneath people's posts, so that we know which previous post you are referring to.
  Had to look this one up, hilarious!
The original post is from 2010....just saying.
My initial thoughts on this would have been no, the waggle, the amount of time that he seemed to spend standing over some shots was really difficult to watch. Having read this thread, and really thinking about it though has changed my opinion. He is a professional, he would blow me and my friends out of the water, and he would be way the hell faster than all of us, easily. Slow play doesn't come from standing over a ball for a minute before you swing, slow play comes...
I have never quit a round out of frustration, but I would not begrudge anyone that did. If you are not playing well, and want to go hit balls, by all means do that. And especially if you are playing by yourself, what does it matter what you do?   I have quit a round due to slow play. A long weekend day at the local par 3 course, played the first hole, got to the second, and there were 6 groups waiting ahead of this. My dad said to me "want to go hit a bucket of balls...
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