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I use Coach Noss' version.   https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=142272365846852&set=vb.123108631091605&type=2&theater   My particular makeup requires a pretty good warm up to prevent injury.  One of my golfing partners is a two swing and good to go guy.  Takes me a bit longer to get cranked up.
 I agree.  It is one thing to give a guy $hit it is another to wish bad on someone.  Hell I am notorious for telling someone on a putt for a half, "get it close."  But as you say I own it and congratulate the guy after the fact. Then also I pay for a $5 Nassau or a $20 skin.  These guys are playing for much higher stakes.  Maybe that is what turned me off. {shrug} At the end of the day it's just a TV show and has no effect on my life.
That's a little harsh. 
That is mine as well.  Although I have never had an ace in 25 years of golf.  HHMMMMMMMM.  Time for a rethink?
Clay was acting like a douche!  Plain and simple.  May be a production thing but he sure came off as a jackass.   Chad seems to struggle with the silly games but sure does bring it when facing elimination.
Ball position is my issue.  Looks like a wood but I need to remember to use the ball position of an iron.
Just my own story.  I know where you are!! I had about a year of standing over a ball and not knowing if I was going to hit the damn thing!  Hundreds of shots not getting past the ladies tee or skimming along the turf killing bugs.     For me it was that my hips had stopped turning.  In a failed attempt to stop the sway I ended up freezing my hips causing a whole butt load of problems, including OTT, casting, shoulders turning on the wrong plane, and on and on.  Got...
CSU avatar and from Wyoming!!!  Catch much grief?  Go Rams!!!! Resume thread.
The last couple times at National have been very disappointing.  Course is in rough shape and the creek that runs through the course looks like a garbage dump.  more than $20 is too much considering it is vacation golf.
New Posts  All Forums: