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When I get a demon hole like this I started by playing it backwards.  Where is my best shot.  For me it's 100 yards.  Deadly from there most days.  Next I figure out the best way to get there and play that.  If I miss one of the previous shots I take my medicine and still try to get to 100 yards. Accept a bogey and get to a hole that likes me better.  I just try really hard not to post the big number on my most hated holes.   YMMV
Informal Poll.  How many of you that suffer, hit off of mats rather than grass?  I have a hypothesis.   I had it bad for a year to year and 1/2.  It would abate quite a bit after I got going but mornings and warm ups were absolute hell.  Like most I got injected and 6 weeks later no change.  Tried dry needle trigger point stuff and all that did was make me cry.  (yes sensitive guy lol)   It won't get much worse as your docs and mine said, so I just played on through it. ...
Can't anybody have any fun anymore?  Jeez!!!   I am glad a few of you acknowledge that you would also get drunk and silly after winning the U. S. "freaking" Open!!!  I know I would party all night!!!
 The beauty of the internet.  You will never know if it is sarcasm or real. Or which course.   ;-)
  I have the same thought.  There is always one that I can't get past.  We call them Damien holes.  Usually the gods get silence by a birdie.  But not always.  My solution is to tee off with a different club and try to confuse them.  That doesn't always work either. I even peed on one green on a par three to show my disdain for the hole.  Didn't work either.
    + 1,000,000!!!
Serious addiction since 95 or so.  And nope.   Interesting how many better players (judging by posted index) there are.  But I guess that is not unexpected.  Most better players can hit the shot they want and there is not a lot of extraneous movement after the ball hits the green.  Greatly improves you odds if the ball rolls some after landing.  And most better players are aiming somewhere other than the pin on most par threes.  Working off a slope, avoiding trouble, not...
Yeah that! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1udHTU4uruA  Part of my pre-shot.  As I am standing behind the envisioning the shape and trajectory. HMMMMMM. I do play alone a lot. Wonder why?
Help me here.  David Feherty says that he ball was still moving.  Bubba was right there watching and it appears that he concurred.  So it was a legal putt as I see it.  Otherwise it is on Bubba to protect the field.  He didn't so it is done and legal.   What am I missing?
Anybody know anything about the Las Vegas Country Club? That is the one behind the LVH by the convention center.
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