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Perspective!  it is all perspective.  Every day is a gift.  Believe it.
Lindsey is doing just fine for herself.  Not Tiger money but she won't be hurting for the rest of her life either.
I said big box golf retailers.  Which I maintain they are.  Tomato Tomahato.  The tip on certificates is a good one.  I just seem to get the clueless newby when I shop at the big golf shops.   But standard at any big retailer, be it golf or otherwise.  Better do your own research because product training is classically poor.
Best thing I ever did was cut 1/2" off my woods.  Better control and a better look at address.   Go to a demo day and get one of the fitting specialists to help you out.  Titleist has a great system but I am sure Callaway, Ping and all the others do as well.  Much better quality of fitting than the big box golf retailers.  IMHO. YMMV. Caveat emptor. etc.
I have Maui Jim Banyans.  Fantastic but friggin expensive they are!!
Two things come to mind.   First is that product and logo placement is big business!  TV exposure is the issue and who gets compensated for that exposure needs to be sorted out.  Look at how often logos are blurred out on TV.  It may well be true that it is worth exactly the same as the sign spinner guy on the street corner but somehow I think the stakes are a little higher here.  I think the caddies have a valid concern.  One of the tests of Independent Contractor...
New Balance are my everyday athletic shoes and I just got a couple pairs of their golf shoes.  Can't wait to try them on.
   Maybe.  I can see it being a practice issue.  And I totally agree SHOCKING!!!!  Coming back from injury chipping is one of the first thing they let you do. So you have a good point.  Old?!?!  Surgery was March 31, 2014.
The real events that the movie is based on happened across the street at Las Vegas Country Club. And the plane ended up in a lake.
This thread kills me!!!  Where do I start?  First of all it seems that the same crowd who puts the pro game so far above ours and puts these guys on a pedestal that the mortal golfer will never achieve are now calling for his retirement because be becomes mortal.  Really?!?!   Second, Tiger, give your buddy Notah a few grand to beat the $hit out Chamblee and that other asshat on the Golf Channel.  I never understood the hatred for Chamblee before yesterday.   Third, ...
New Posts  All Forums: