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Guys, looks like due to unforeseen circumstances I'm not going to be able to make this outing.....Good luck out there and can't wait for the review....
In a startling change of events, my wife has agreed to play a round of golf with me. Currently teaching her how to hold the club, etc, in hope of playing 9 with her in the near future....we'll see how this goes...wish me luck!
33 on a short par 29 ---one birdie, six pars, one bogie and one other....
As opposed to hand egg, right? /offtopic
sometimes other forums provide pure gold: 
Time to call this guy?
USOPEN.COM stream down for everyone?
Guess it blended in when I was looking....Did spot a rake, so that gave it away.... 
LOl. Bubba hits his drive off the fairway, commentator says "Its in that bunker" and I'm looking at my screen going "Where the $%^ is the bunker???" Crazy "Native Areas"
New Posts  All Forums: