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Interesting read on the Masters. Guess I'll just leave it here: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-04-12/the-masters-a-sponsorship-tradition-unlike-any-other
Having played with Lihu and Kaili, I'm fine with you guys bringing your kids. I understand where Erik is coming from, but personally, I don't care as long as no one cares about me dropping the occasional F bomb, etc. (and to be honest, with Lihu and his son off in their own cart, I'm pretty sure they missed all my swearing....) There were a couple of discussions with last month's outing: the children issue, guests, and asking for particular partners. I remember the kids...
Unfortunately not at the moment. Will shoot some next time I get to the range.
Well, shot this back in February and haven't had time to post it, but after a pretty disappointing round this morning, thought I'd get these up and see if anyone has any thoughts. IIRC, the first two swings are PW, two 7 or 8 irons, and two 4h.   Thanks in advance...  
 Bummer to hear. Hopefully we'll see you next time!OH NO!
 Edit: one random reference deserves another
Rory's tee shot on four: https://vine.co/v/M5YqOP0DV1t  
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