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Driver, 3w, 5w
Shot a 52 on the back 9 at Rancho San Joaquin this morning (6am tee time). One birdie, one penalty, and lots of bad putting (23 putts!). Driving is much improved, and only two mis-strikes that stand out in my mind.... Maybe if I hadn't played from the blacks, not warmed up, etc.....
My econ professor did something very similar. Apparently in over 20 years of teaching, students NEVER opted to go low and take the gift.This!
This thread is to gauge interest in a fall outing given the fact that the Newport Cup will be taking place in September. Anyone still up for a round in late September/early October?   Obviously a location would need to be agreed upon, etc, but at this point do we try to set something up or wait for winter?
Better, if for only the fact that I FINALLY have figured out how to hit my driver in something of a straight direction. I was holding my lag a bit too long, which resulted in a lot of big pushes and slices. Once I got the feeling of letting the head catch up with my hands, I started hitting some high draws.....Its been a joy and waiting to see how this affects my handicap...
I noticed Mark Crossfield doing this during his YouTube videos and have since incorporated it as a part of my teeing up routine....not sure it does anything in most cases....
I'm a fan...very talented golfer that gives me hope that someday someone will mistake my slice for a Bubba-esque "power fade" 😊
Straintening out my driver....videos coming to my 'myswing' thread soon!
Casta Del Sol GC 60 par /58.1 rating /96 slope /3670 yards   Shot a personal best 84 with 35 putts. Been a while since I played, so felt pretty good about this minus a couple of bad shots, burning the edge on quite a few putts, and really fading at the end of the round...          
Sorry guys, I'm out for that weekend.
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